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Clue Scroll Guide


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Jan 6, 2021
Easy Clue Scroll Maps with "X" (Spade Needed):

Spot to Dig: Locate the single tree that is west of the Champions' Guild, outside Varrock. Dig two squares to the east of it.

Spot to Dig: Due east of Falador's north gate. Look for the (grapple) agility shortcut icon.

Spot to Dig: South of Draynor Village bank, by the fishing spot.

Spot to Dig: South-east Varrock mine. Dig one square west of the small fern.

Spot to dig:
Directly behind the Wizards' Tower, there's a fern you can use as a reference; the dig spot is one tile directly north of the fern. Fairy ring code dis is very close.

Spot to dig: Just north of Al-Kharid, in the centre of the mine.

Spot to dig: One tile west of the north door of Galahad's house, west of McGrubor's Wood. Fairy ring code als is very close, squeeze through the gate northeast of the fairy ring (around the building.)

Spot to dig: The statue is located at the crossroads north of Falador.

Medium Clue Scroll Maps:

Spot: Search the crate by the Clock Tower, south-west of East Ardougne. Using a Spirit tree to Battlefield of Khazard is the fastest route. Ardougne cloak's Monastery Teleport is also close by.

Spot: Inside McGrubor's Wood, west of Seers' Village. Fairy ring code als. If approaching from outside, squeeze through the broken fence by the northern half of the hut in the centre and search the crate south of the house.

Spot: Road between Rellekka and the Lighthouse.

Spot: By the entrance to the Ourania Cave.

Spot: South of the path to Mort'ton; fairy ring bip is nearby (50 Agility is required when you use the fairy ring).

Spot: Just south of East Ardougne (straight south of town square), north of the Tower of Life, near the Necromancer Tower. Dig two spaces north of the smaller crate that Bonafido is leaning on. Fairy ring code djp is very close.

Spot: Just west of the Chemist's house in Rimmington. South of Falador, west of Port Sarim.

Spot: West of the Crafting Guild. Dig north of the sandpile at the tip of the peninsula.

Spot: North of Seers' Village, along the path towards Rellekka.

Spot: South of Draynor Village bank, by the fishing spot.

Hard Clue Scroll Maps:

Spot: Search the crate inside the Lumberyard, north-east of Varrock.

Spot: North east of the Observatory, north of Castle Wars, search a crate in the western most building of the goblin overrun houses. This house holds the entrance stairs to the dungeon below.

Spot: In level 14 Wilderness, at the Dark Warriors' Fortress, search the pile of crates in the south-west corner of the central courtyard.
Warning: Beware of level 145 dark warriors. This area is also a hotspot for player killers.

Spot: South of Yanille bank. Behind the house with an anvil.

Spot: Level 50 Wilderness, near Wilderness Agility Course; south-west of Deep Wilderness Dungeon entrance and west of the Mage Arena.

Spot: The picnic tables south of the Legends' Guild, north-east of East Ardougne. south of fairy ring blr

Spot: Located in West Ardougne, dig inside one of the destroyed buildings. It is in the north-east corner of the housing buildings in the south-west area of West Ardougne. Head due west from the main gate, and you'll get to the buildings.

Elite Clue Scroll Maps:

In the south-west coast of Ape Atoll, there is a little shack where the crate is located.

Fairy ring code clr is close to it. Bring a ninja monkey greegree or Kruk greegree if using the fairy ring.

Spot: East of the small building in Zul-Andra, next to the tree. Requires starting Regicide.
Fairy ring code bjs (76 Agility)

Spot: Directly south of the soul altar.

Spot: North east of Castle Wars, just west of fairy ring ciq.

This Guide is For Medium Clue Scroll Anagrams, I will list them below for everyone.

Medium Clue Scroll Anagrams:

Anagram: Solution: Location: Challenge Answer:
A BasSabaFound in the cave on the path towards the Death Plateau west of Burthorpe.None
A Basic Anti PotCaptain TobiasPort Sarim6
Aha JarJaraahThe hospital of the Duel Arena.None
A HeartArethaSoul altar2
Arc O LineCarolineNorth Witchaven next to the row boat. After the Sea Slug quest, she is found wandering the coast.11
Area Chef TrekFather AereckFound in the church in Lumbridge.19
Are ColOracleThe peak of Ice Mountain west of Edgeville.48
Armchair The PeltCharlie the TrampNext to the south entrance of Varrock.0
Bail TrimsBrimstailIn the cave west of the Stronghold Slayer Cave entrance in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.None
Calamari Made MudMadame CaldariumNext to a spa in the Corsair Cove.6
Clash IonNicholasMost north-eastern point of Port Piscarilius, north of the fishing shop.4
Dt Run BBrundt the ChieftainRellekka, inside the main hall.4
Eek Zero OpZoo keeperArdougne Zoo40
El OwLoweVarrock archery storeNone
Err Cure ItRecruiterWest Ardougne centre square20
Goblets Odd ToesOtto GodblessedSouth of the Barbarian Outpost, in Otto's Grotto.2
Goblin KernKing BolrenTree Gnome Village, next to the Spirit Tree.None
Got A BoyGabootyCentre of Tai Bwo Wannai.11
Halt UsLuthasThe owner of the banana plantation on Musa Point (Karamja).None
HeoricEohricBurthorpe Castle, top floor.36
HICK JETJethickTown square of West Ardougne.38
HIS PHORHorphisArceuus Library1
I Am SirMarisiMarisi is a farmer found in the allotment patch located within Hosidius.5
Hard Anagrams (Same Format As Above):

Land DoomdOdd Old ManThe limestone mine north-east of Varrock (Silvarea).Puzzle Box
Me Am The CalcCam the CamelJust outside the gates of the Duel Arena, Camulet not required.Puzzle box
MotherboardBrother OmadMonastery south of Ardougne.129
My Mangle LalLammy LangleHosidius spirit tree patchPuzzle box
O Birdz A Zany En PcCap'n Izzy no BeardEntrance of the Brimhaven Agility Arena.33
Profs Lose Wrong PieProfessor OnglewipGround floor of the Wizards' Tower south of Draynor.Puzzle box
Quit Horrible TyrantBrother TranquilityMos Le'Harmless or Harmony Island7
Rat Mat WithinMartin ThwaitRogues' Den2
Red Art TansTrader StanPort Sarim charter shipPuzzle box
Sequin DirgeQueen SigridThrone room of Etceteria Castle.Puzzle box
Slide WomanWise Old ManDraynor Village28
Them Cal CameCam the CamelJust outside the gates of the Duel Arena, Camulet not required.Puzzle box
Elite Anagrams (Same Format As Above):

At HergRegathSoutheastern corner of Arceuus in the General Store.25
Career In MoonOneiromancerAstral altar on Lunar Isle.25
Cool NerdOld CroneEast of the Slayer Tower.619
Dr HitmanMandrithOutside the Wilderness Resource Area.28
Ladder Memo GuvGuard VemmeldoBank east of the Stronghold Slayer Cave.3
Machete ClamCam the CamelJust outside the gates of the Duel Arena, Camulet not required.6
Majors Lava Bads AirAmbassador AlvijarNorth-east Dorgesh-Kaan, middle floor, just south of the house with the quest symbol. (You must complete Another Slice of H.A.M. before attempting).2,505
No OwnerOronwenLletya Seamstress shop in Lletya.20
Or Zinc Fumes WardWizard FrumsconeDownstairs in the Wizards' Guild (requires 66 Magic to enter, boosted).Puzzle box
Our Own NeedsNurse WoonedShayzien infirmary, north of Xeric's Look out.19
Snakes So I SailLisse IsaaksonNeitiznot2
Unleash Night MistSigli the HuntsmanRellekka302