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  2. Some fixes that needed to happen and a few small changes that were needed as well! Hope you all enjoy! 🙂❤️ -Fixed Scythe of Vitur and Blood Scythe of Vitur Multihits -Buffed Scythes -Buffed Pernix -Buffed Flamburst weapon stats -Fixed/Enabled Ring of wealth making -Fixed Sanguinesti Staff Charging -Fixed Sanguinesti Staff Attack and Heal -Mith seeds now tradeable -Possibly one or two other little things I forgot to add
  4. Can vouch for Unknown, he was a very good staff member on Valius with a vast amount of knowledge and friendliness! He would make a great addition to any staff team.
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  6. Age: 18. In-Game Username/Discord Name: Dziumbras. Will you be really active in-game/discord/forums?: I am already really active. Languages you can speak: Lithuanian, English. Timezone: Eastern European Time. Days/Hours available (as well as times you are not): 2-6h Reasons for applying for staff: I want to help people understand how to play this rsps, how to find useful information and make this rsps even nicer place for everyone. Previous experience with RSPS and/or as staff: I played Valius for about 1 year so i can help others with answering their questions. Will you both follow the rules, and help other to?: I follow the rules, and im trying to help others as much as i can. Will you help us advertise NovaScape in some form?: I will, and im already trying to get as many friends in this rsps as possible. Have you read and fully understand the Guidelines posted above: Yes I do. Support would be enough so people can recognise me as experienced player who can answer all their questions.
  7. Fp

    Lil things 2-19-2020

    Just some lil things in this update, fixes adjustments, qol per usual. 🙂 -Client and cache now hosted differently and some minor client changes; should help more people to have no issues with the client -Added rule against spamming accounts or making any accounts and spoofing mac or ip and collecting starter boxes and other things from making lots of accounts -Added Play Now! button to forums for quick client download -Beaver pet now more rare -Buff to Torva Str bonus -Reduced timer for Star spawns -Fixed Hidden donor rank for Youtuber's -Reduced Pest Control Lobby time -Fixed some incorrectly named items -Added some more item definitions (examines) -Added in Rune Scim (or) combinations (Guthix, Sara, and Zam) -Reworked some slayer location tips -Added Corporeal Beast to boss tasks -Buff to Ghrazi Rapier -Fixed Super antifire noting -Fixed Morytania 10 consecutive slayer tasks Diary -Fixed Western kill elves with crystal bow Diary -Added more herbs as drops from chaos druids and they also drop noted now -Reworked Warped Jelly droptable -Raised halo prices and removed Drag Harpoon from Skill Pt Shop -Reworked how Heron is received and added in Heron Broadcasting when you get the pet -Added in Infernal Harpoon making -Dragon Harpoon and Infernal Harpoon's fishing speeds raised
  8. +1 Would love to see on the staff team!
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  10. A nice update for you all I sure hope you all enjoy and are doing well! 🙂❤️ Loooots of suggestions and bug reports in this one 🙂 -Fixed Amethyst Arrow/Bolt/Javelin Options for making them -Fixed a bunch of doors, some for Diaries -Fixed some item defs -Added mithril ore to crafting guild for the Diary -Buffed Hazelmere Signet ring max hit boost -Cheaper Void and Elite Void at both PC and boss point shop -More Purple Sweets from Clue Scrolls -Poisoned Karambwan now stackable -Some rework to point shops -Fixed Banker (Option two banking) -Added banker to ::dice and ::dz near fishing spot -Added Karambwan spot to DZ and EDZ -Added Hydras, Wyrms, and Drakes to EDZ -Reworked Nightmare Chest a little bit -Buff to Luciderm Prayer bonus -Edited and added some server announcements -More Bait at fishing store and removed raw fishes -Reworked bow stats and alignment of bows some more -Added Blood Twisted Crossbow making -Starter Dungeon armor now provides hybrid Attack stats -Changed out limited time shop -Added quest cape to vote shop -Reduced Reg Salve price in slayer shop -Started on some Gauntlet Fixes and Rework! •Filling vials with water now works •Dragon, Bear and Dark beast now 1:1 drop the pieces they are supposed to be dropping to make Perfect Weapons •Buffed Blade of Saeldor to be one of Best in Slot Melee Weapons •Egniol drinking is now infinite off of one potion (until I rework it some more later on) •Fixed Crystal Staff (was meleeing) and now it will autocast magic and also hits the hardest out of the 3 •Added more Timer warnings for Gauntlet, at 2 minutes left and at 1 minute left
  11. Age: 20 nearly 21 In-Game Username/Discord Name: Unknown Will you be really active in-game/discord/forums?: i always check discord on my phone if im not online/on my laptop to check if anyone ever needs help with anything and just to chat with the community so yes, i will be really active :) Languages you can speak: English Timezone: GMT (UK) worked out well on Valius as when i was to log off, other staff members would log in and take over Days/Hours available (as well as times you are not): I am pretty much available 24/7 :'D Reasons for applying for staff: I really enjoy helping out players as much as i can, if its in the form of giving advice about the game and giving new players a little starter pack of my own to giving advice on irl problems if needed Previous experience with RSPS and/or as staff: Mod once and Support twice on valius then various postions a few years ago Will you both follow the rules, and help other to?: Of course i would as anyone that bends and breaks the rules needs to learn that there are thing that you can and can not say/do on the game as it could offend someone else thats playing the game and it would show new players that the community is toxic and not worth staying if they were to see it. Will you help us advertise NovaScape in some form?: I would try my best to, i could also try to make a few youtube videos/guides to showcase what the best custom server out there has to offer! Have you read and fully understand the Guidelines posted above: Yes i have and i could not agree with them more as they are very fair and straight forward, anyone that breaks the rules are doing so willingly and action should be taken against them :) <3
  12. Age: 19 In-Game Username/Discord Name: Rum Will you be really active in-game/discord/forums?: Yes Sir Languages you can speak: English Timezone: Eastern Standard Time Days/Hours available (as well as times you are not): I range from 3-5 hours on weekdays, to 8-10 on weekends and even when i'm not on the server i'm still looking at forums/discord on my phone when i'm not home. Reasons for applying for staff: I've been staff multiple times mostly 317's because that's what I love to play I have so much experience when it comes to things on a rsps and know I have the knowledge to do the job. I feel like i'm very well respected in the community so far and there not many staff to help around. I can help with discord/forums and do stuff in-game. I know the major rules of being a staff member and I know what to do and what not to do. My main goal is to help improve the server in anyway type or form and that starts off with this and helping bring a player base to this server more than it already is, and to support and help players when needed. Secondly I want to grow the community to not be toxic and help each other and come together and make it so we all enjoy our stay here and want to share the experience of being able to grind for something that we love. Previous experience with RSPS and/or as staff: Was admin on a 718 server named fatality, I have owned my own server, I was co-owner on my friends server from 2-3 months before it shutdown, was Server support on Roatpkz Will you both follow the rules, and help other to?: Yes Sir Will you help us advertise NovaScape in some form?: Already have and will continue to. Have you read and fully understand the Guidelines posted above: Yes Sir (Thank you for this opportunity and I can't wait to get started.)
  13. Another good ol' fixing and QOL push everyone. Love ya all and hope you all enjoy. ❤️ -Removed PvM Caskets from a lot of drop tables as they are already a global drop (left at some lower-mid level npc's for it's usefulness there but removed from a lot of higher lvl NPC's and bosses where it was taking up a rare or very rare slot) -Reduced Wildy Boss Respawn Times -Fixed a lot of item examines -Rewrote (as it was not working) Combat XP bonus coding for Nova T1 Gear -Wrote in Combat Bonus XP on UIM, HCIM, and GIM -Wrote in Combat Bonus XP (1% Higher) on Nova T2 Armor -Wrote in Stargaze ring perks as they had none and corrected forum guide (Stars guide) to reflect the changes •Stargaze rings now give 5% Droprate boost and 4% Damage Boost in their respective styles -Added restore run energy to ornate pool and removed the timer as well as needing donator status to use it -Big buff to DHCB and Black DHCB damage perk vs dragons -Added Sea Turtle fishing (big net fishing spot[no bait]) -Readded Shadow Beast to wilderness, Graveyard of Shadows -Buffed Seren Godbow -Seren Godbow pieces now ultra rare again at Solak -Buffed Korasi Sword -Changed ::starterguide to ::guide to pull up all our guides -Gave ::find to mod+ -Salve (ei) is now kept on death -Sword of Edicts is now a 1/6 drop from Shadow Lord -Added DTD's (1-4) as a rare drop from Vetion and 20-200 Bloodmoney as a 1:1 drop -Added Nurse Boubou to Raids area -Fixed confirm tele to wild for Giant Moles tele -Buffed Enhanced Infernal Staff and Bow -Fixed Slayer Armor Buff on task (wasn't coded in at all so wrote that in) -Same as above with Imbued Slayer Helms -Will be new client posted in client download with this update
  14. A big ol update tonight/today... -Rewrote and cleaned up whole drop rate system -Rescaled drop rate system -Wrote full pet drop rates and some perks so far -Some dialogue handler and tutorial changes -New guide made on forums for the pet changes -Fixed all starter items received from Clarkeh if lost -Lowered Infernal Key and Pet Box prices -The Random gem drop table now gives noted gems -Added perk to Brimstone ring -Lowered some prices in Bounty Shop -Removed DHarpoon from vote shop and lowered some prices -Reworked Loyalty Pts shop some -Added Gen and Iron Gen Store to DZ -Buffed Serenic Godbow -Made Seren godbow skin perks effects -Fixed Donation Info guide to reflect DR changes -Buffed Decimation Bow vs demons -Fixed Weapon Poison+ making -Reworked the custom imbued hearts (Just Heart->STR, Poraz->Rang, Derwen->Def) •They are currently a very rare reward from wilderness boss event -Easier Rare Rate at Alchemical Hydra, Void Knight, and the Starter Dungeon -Added message to make it easier to spot when Darklight drops in cata
  15. Fp

    Making pets useful

    closed for now with tonights pet update. will be looking into/considering more perks for pets in future also.
  16. Fp

    Pet Boosts Guide

    NovaScape Pets Guide We have quite a wide variety of pets here on NovaScape ranging from skilling pets, to normal monsters, superior slayer, bosses; and even raid, gauntlet and custom pets. It may seem like a lot! But no fret! As we will lay out all the important info for all the pets below.🙂 Tier 1 Pets: 1% Droprate boost • The starter wolfy pets Tier 2 Pets: 2% Droprate boost • Low - Low mid Lvl npc's Tier 3 Pets: 4% Droprate boost • Low mid - Mid Lvl npc's • Holiday Pets Tier 4 Pets: 5% Droprate boost • Mid Lvl Npc's • Yearly Mimic (Tiny buff to Range/Mage/Melee simultaneously) • Valius Imp (Small buff to your choosing [Imp metamorphs] off range, mage, or melee) Tier 5 Pets: 7% Droprate boost • Mid - Mid High Lvl Npc's • Bosses and Wildy Bosses • Donor Dragons • Some pet box pets • Skilling pets Tier 6 (Top Tier Pets): 10% Droprate boost • High Lvl Npcs • Raid pets • Solak, Nightmare, and other group and event bosses • Gauntlet Pet • Custom Pets • Kebbit and Gold Chin PETS WITH DAMAGE BUFFS FULL INFORMATION Range Buff Pets: • Yearly Mimic: 2% • Valius Imp: 4% • Nylocas: 4% • Olmlet: 5% • Poraz: 7% • Vespina: 7% • Xarpus: 8% • Solak: 10% • Verzik: 10% • Youngllef: 11% Melee Buff Pets: • Yearly Mimic: 2% • Valius Imp: 4% • Nylocas: 4% • Void Knight: 5% • Olmlet: 5% • Lizardman Shaman: 7% • Glod: 7% • Justiciar Zachariah: 7% • Tektiny: 7% • Bloat: 8% • Solak: 10% • Nightmare: 10% • Verzik: 10% • Youngllef: 11% Magic Buff Pets: • Yearly Mimic: 2% • Valius Imp: 4% • Nylocas: 4% • Void Knight: 5% • Olmlet: 5% • Sire: 6% • Ice Queen: 7% • Tarn: 7% • Puppadile: 7% • Derwen: 7% • Vasa: 7% • Maiden: 8% • Verzik: 10% • Nightmare: 10% • Shadow Beast: 11% • Youngllef: 11%
  17. Fp

    GOOD OL QOL 2-2-2020

    Hello and welcome to yet another mostly QOL and fixing stuffs update 😉😛 Hope you all enjoy everything in this one and see ya soon ingame! -Lots of work done to ensure this server's short all the way through long term longevity -Fixed one more callback while redoing some stuff on RSPS pages for the new dedi (server showing online on rsps pages) -Worked on DDOS protection for website and forums as well -New client in client-download -Added store and vote link to our forums, also our discord widget -Added more amounts of DTokens to our ::store -Added some more forum categories -Made full staff application and information on forums and discord -Worked all night and set us all back up on a new better more secure vps -Fixed a few lil things on forums and website -Big Staff rework and alignment; some nerfed some buffed etc. -Buff to DHCB -Fixed Craw's Bow being able to stack damage with bolts -Fixed Crystal Halberd Wield and Spec -NPC to get back items from Skotizo now at home in west side of castle near gen shops -Fixed Abyssal Bludgeon Making -Added Infernal Weapons to Infernal Mystery box as a very rare to give them more value •Also to make infernal weapons as obtainable as chaotics (events and blood box) -Fixed Seren Godbow Range Requirement (removed 90att req and raised rng req from 90-92) -Shortened the Wait Timer at CoX to 15 seconds -Nerf to Olm -Slightly easier rare rate now at CoX and ToB -For now removed the "jailing" if you die on Verzik, still beware, if each person in team dies 1 time it still counts; you will have lost ToB and be tele'd out -Fixed ::jail -Infinity Glove Stats fixed -Climbing Boots (g) now wearable -Callisto Respawn time reduced -Fixed Willow tree cutting -Fixed Trident of the Swamp Charging -Twisted Staff added in to staff with max hit multiplier methods, being the rarest staff, has the highest max hit multiplier -Changed out Limited Time shop -Adjusted Donator Shop Box prices -Adjustments to boss pt shop prices
  18. well the im with the third one but its should be in seperate pets not all like only in rare pets
  19. DOMAIN

    One of the Rarest Photo Ingame

    One of the Rarest Photo Ingame

    © NovaScape 2020

  20. DOMAIN

    Infernal Chest

    Awesome and Op items from it

    © NovaScape 2020

  21. DOMAIN

    Pet Box

    Small Chances for s Powerful pets

    © NovaScape 2020

  22. DOMAIN

    Points Shop

    Spend the points you get from bosses here

    © NovaScape 2020

  23. DOMAIN


  24. DOMAIN

    boogie Bow

    One of the best Range item ingame

    © NovaScape 2020

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    Making pets useful

    def want to add dr to all pets and give a few of the pets cool unique perks 😛 🙂 glad everyone is excited for that it seems.
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