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    A nice update for you all I sure hope you all enjoy and are doing well! 🙂❤️ Loooots of suggestions and bug reports in this one 🙂 -Fixed Amethyst Arrow/Bolt/Javelin Options for making them -Fixed a bunch of doors, some for Diaries -Fixed some item defs -Added mithril ore to crafting guild for the Diary -Buffed Hazelmere Signet ring max hit boost -Cheaper Void and Elite Void at both PC and boss point shop -More Purple Sweets from Clue Scrolls -Poisoned Karambwan now stackable -Some rework to point shops -Fixed Banker (Option two banking) -Added banker to ::dice and ::dz near fishing spot -Added Karambwan spot to DZ and EDZ -Added Hydras, Wyrms, and Drakes to EDZ -Reworked Nightmare Chest a little bit -Buff to Luciderm Prayer bonus -Edited and added some server announcements -More Bait at fishing store and removed raw fishes -Reworked bow stats and alignment of bows some more -Added Blood Twisted Crossbow making -Starter Dungeon armor now provides hybrid Attack stats -Changed out limited time shop -Added quest cape to vote shop -Reduced Reg Salve price in slayer shop -Started on some Gauntlet Fixes and Rework! •Filling vials with water now works •Dragon, Bear and Dark beast now 1:1 drop the pieces they are supposed to be dropping to make Perfect Weapons •Buffed Blade of Saeldor to be one of Best in Slot Melee Weapons •Egniol drinking is now infinite off of one potion (until I rework it some more later on) •Fixed Crystal Staff (was meleeing) and now it will autocast magic and also hits the hardest out of the 3 •Added more Timer warnings for Gauntlet, at 2 minutes left and at 1 minute left
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    If anyone wants one made lmk.
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    These are various maps of dungeons and caves found around Novascape! To quickly find the dungeon/cave you are looking for you can press f3 or CTRL + F to search the name. **The 🔴 will represent where you will be when you tele into the dungeon/cave. Catacombs Stronghold Slayer Cave Relleka Dungeon Slayer Tower Taverly Dungeon Brimhaven Dungeon Revenants: WILDERNESS If there are any other maps you would like to suggest me to add please let me know! IGN: hehes Discord: hehes
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    Age:27 In-Game Username: Hunter/Group H Languages you can speak: English Timezone: EST Days/Hours available (do you have a job etc?): I work on the weekdays from 10pm-7am, free on the weekends usually and I try and play atleast 3-4 hours during the weekdays and as much as I wont on the weekends Reasons for applying for staff: Im applying for staff because I have a lot of knowledge and prior experience with this server and I want to be able to share it with everyone. Plus I want to be able to help players when there isn't anyone around to help them. Previous experience: I was Admin/Community Manager on my prior server Have you read and fully understand the Guidelines posted above: Yes I have
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    sick @Hehes 🙂 thanks a lot man 😛 🙂
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    would be glad to have ya on board brother. thanks n welcome! 🙂
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