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    Another lovely update for you lovely people! πŸ™‚ hope you all enjoy! Our Chambers of Xeric now has some mechanics! πŸ™‚πŸ˜‰ These mechanics will not be 1:1 with OSRS or anything over the top hard but they are implemented to make CoX (Raids 1) more of a fun and rewarding slight challenge rather than something half-boring and half-afkable. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ Muttadile This lizardy-alligator looking fellow now has all 3 attack styles instead of just meleeing; β€’ Magic attack - white projectile β€’ Ranged attack - green projectile that venoms you β€’ And his melee attack if you are within 2 tiles of him Lizardman Shaman β€’ Ranged attack - a little green projectile; one of his range projectile attacks can poison you Lizardman alternates between range and melee if you are within melee distance. Ice Demon β€’ Magic attack - white projectile β€’ Ranged attack - green projectile β€’ Melee attack same as any other raids npc Vasa Nistirio β€’ Magic attack - purple projectile β€’ Ranged attack - spiky grey ball looking projectile β€’ Special attack - blue projectile that stuns you for 1 second β€’ Vasa has no melee attack at all Tekton & the Vanguards These fellows are still extremely straight forward just protect melee and smash through them. The Great Olm Olm now has several different attacks he utilizes and they are as follow: β€’ Magic attack - purple projectile β€’ Ranged attack - green projectile β€’ Special attack (stun) - fast bright green dragon fire ball that stuns you β€’ Special attack (venom) - dark green dragon fire wave that envenoms you β€’ Special attack (heal) - pink dragon fire wave that damages you and heals great olm a random amount πŸ”»Other update patchnotes πŸ”» β€’ Buffed doubler gamble rate tiny bit and lowered minimum gamble requirement β€’ Added mithril seeds to supplies shop at home β€’ Fixed wrong Dbolts in starter kit β€’ Fixed some starter items β€’ Extended blood key time on ground before removal β€’ Added value to PKP and DP (so they can be gambled at ::doubler) β€’ Added Blowpipe to PKP store β€’ Raised TSoTD and BP value β€’ Added a few teleports β€’ Reworked fishing skill some for QoL β€’ Fixed some agility course requirements β€’ Fixed an announcement β€’ Fixed Revenant knight attack distance β€’ Fixed some gross text β€’ Added heavy ballista to pkp shop β€’ Fixed vote ::reward command saying not valid command and claiming anyways β€’ Adjusted a few items prices/values β€’ Fixed ironman shop access/restrictions β€’ Few other small things I can't remember β€’ Shortened Jungle demon respawn time β€’ Added more Jungle demon spawns β€’ Reduced Demonic Gorilla melee def β€’ Added drops to superior slayer npcs β€’ Fixed mithril seeds β€’ Added colored slay helm i creation + hydra slayer helm β€’ Added colored slayer items to npc's drop tables β€’ Fully coded in all slayer helms combat effect β€’ Fixed/adjusted some more item prices β€’ Reworked slayer skill menu β€’ Added slayer level requirement to Cerberus β€’ Reworked some drop tables some more β€’ Removed combat level requirement on Blood key pickup β€’ Changed some respawn times β€’ Made sand crabs aggressive and added more to their location β€’ Added some more tele commands for convenience β€’ Added Toxic blowpipe to donator store β€’ Added imbued heart to superior slayer monster rare drops β€’ Changed up rare slayer and rare pvp drop rewards β€’ Raised sand crab roam distance β€’ Adjusted some item values and raids token shop prices β€’ Added combat mechanics to Chambers of Xeric bosses β€’ Added heal box outside of raids β€’ Added more Blood key and Skotizo spawn locations β€’ Removed inability to use wildy agility course gate if in combat β€’ Added minimum combat level of 90 to pickup the Blood key β€’ Small buff to CoX rare rate
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    thanks, just showed me how to raid xD 1 run was all it took. 8/8
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