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    FAQ I OFFICIAL RULES I DISCORD I BETA TESTER APPLICATION Greetings everyone! It is approaching Halloween and the Norse team has been working away at a tremendous pace to deliver the server to you as fast as possible! This thread is a little update as to how you can go about joining our beta testing plus details on our release dates and so forth. If you're not already aware, I am Eiree. I am the community manager of Norse who acts as a mean of communication through to the staff team at Norse. This includes events, suggestions, player feedback and reports etc. You can come to me with anything in relation to the community for support. A FAQ thread has been posted for you to ask any questions regarding Norse, It can be found here or through the link in the header. As you are all eager to see some in-game media.. here a sneak peak of some! Make sure you join the discord to follow the development stages and potentially events! You can do this by clicking here or the link in the header above. Look forward to talking to you all! -Eiree, Community Manager
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    Hello there, I will be showcasing some of the custom models of Norse and explaining a little about them. The god of Thunder Thor Thor's hammer in a rock and beside a rock which will be used in a quest The god of Mischief Loki Fenrir the monstrous wolf from Norse Mythology Odin the god of Wisdom and his pets The Norse shield that will be given to players who participate in the beta Casino chips will be used on the poker and blackjack table Red Norse banner that is used at home and will be used around the game eventually Black Norse banner Custom Norse Blood Fountain The slot machine which will be used in the casino room of player owned houses. The poker table which will be in the casino room
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    As put on the tin. You might've heard or me, but then again you might've not. I am Maximax, your local 3d models guy who's been providing for Norse throughout the past few months. I've been into RSPS for over 7 years or so and I've always been the ultimate sucker for servers that try new things; so much so, in fact, that one such project inspired me to pick up 3d modelling back in 2017. Although said project has since fell through, I am a product of their legacy and I love every opportunity I get to contribute to servers that take on custom content with the caution and polish that Norse offers. Here's to the server's success! Also happy holidays and whatnot.
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    The moment we have all been waiting for, as of a couple hours ago, we released our Closed Beta for those who have been chosen to participate. After months of hard work, on behalf of our entire team at Norse, we invite anyone and everyone to apply for this beta and take part in shaping the most intriguing and anticipated RSPS of this year, maybe even of all time? For those who have not signed up yet, please do so by heading to our beta applications forum located here. For full transparency, our amazing beta testers so far have found several minor bugs that we are well underway of resolving. Without the help from all of you, Norse would be half of the server that we aim to be. By becoming a beta tester, you will have early access to understanding the gameplay and environment we have set on the server, and even have your word taken into account if you believe that needs to change. To be fair to all of our future players, we will be resetting the beta accounts, so if you plan to join beta simply for the head start, this opportunity may not be for you. Those who help us will be getting an exclusive surprise award on launch. In addition, you will also be able to show off what you have done for us with a pretty forum medal: There is currently no set end date for the beta, as we will be giving time to alleviate as many issues we possibly can beforehand. Thanks to all of our supporters thus far, and to all those beta testers, we truly hope you are enjoying the server as much as we have putting it together for you. - Norse Staff Team
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    Hello gents! My name is Mono, I'm 23 and a father of 2. I work full time to support my family and as hobbies I love to create art. I've been in the rsps scene for roughly 10 years now. I've played most of every server that's been released and some that I'm glad never made it. I have been a staff member and respected YouTuber of many communities. My recent activities consist of Graphic Designing for the RuneServer community members. I've been designing actively for 4 years, however I've stepped away from doing it for profit. My intentions here are to support everyone and watch the community flourish. I will aid in any effort to make that happen! Thank you for reading and I look forward to getting to know you all.
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    A little late, but welcome nontheless, Zoo! Can't wait to show you what we have to offer here at Norse!
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    Hello everybody I will be showcasing the progress of developing Odin the god of Wisdom who is the main NPC of Norse and he is the main god from Norse Mythology. One of the goals of Norse is to have a custom quest line based from Norse Mythology with all the Norse gods such as Odin, Loki, Thor and many more. The first step was figuring out how the model should look so I found this picture to reference from. The next step was figuring out a color scheme, I decided to go for this sort of color scheme. Insert existing attachment After that the designing, modelling and coloring the helmet. And then came the throne shield and the different details such as the beard and clothing. Then I the addition of the Cape and Spear And then the modelling of addition of the wolves and modelling of the crows. Then the change of color for Odin's clothes and the cape to make it fit more into our color scheme. Then it was time to animate the idle animation for the wolves and Odin and the crows to give the model more effect. Here Odin's eye has been removed for part of a quest named "Odin's Eye" Where he gives his eye for knowledge. After completing the models and animations and the next step was adding it into the game and custom home.
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    Hi Rohan Thank you for checking us out and I hope you do enjoy the community!
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    Hi Zoo, welcome to the Norse community we hope you enjoy it.
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    Greetings Rohan! I very much look forward to chatting away with you! Hope you have a wonderful time on Norse. -Eiree
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    Hey Zoo! You're most welcome to Norse! If you're interested in the beta as you said, you can apply here! Look forward to seeing you on both beta and live! -Eiree
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