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  1. • Small buff to PC gp per round • Slow down elder maul attack speed • Added Crystal bow damage buff perk to Crystal Armor • Added Blade of Saeldor damage buff perk to Corrupt Crystal Armor • Add bonecrusher to PvM shop • Added combine option to crystal shards to make a Crystalline Key • Added "Fight Hunllef" option to Crystalline Key to go tele into the fight • Buffed DHCB accuracy vs Dragons • Fixed FoE exploit • Reworked Collection Log into Alphabetical Order • Added Hydra heads to Alchemical Hydra droptable • Changed Alch Hydra and Cerberus Task amount to 10-30 • Added drop rate boost to Dragonstone armor • Fixed visual bug for Skulled in rev cave Droprate boost • Added Hunllef/Hunllef chest to Collection Log • Added Jad/Fight Caves to Collection Log • Added Inferno/Tzkal-Zuk to Collection Log • Reduced Callisto and other wildy bosses respawn time • Nerfed Skeletal Mystics in Raids • Tiny nerf to two of Olm's attacks (Ranged and Burn) • Fixed Mythical Cape stats • Fixed all combinations of making slayer helm working (using item on item) • Fixed Karil's Amulet of the Damned Effect • Fixed Guthan's Amulet of the Damned Effect • Added Dusk Mystic to Fire of Exchange • Buffed Dragon full helm and Dragon Platebody exchange price • Added Mage Arena Battle Mage's to Collection Log • Added Pets to Collection Log
  2. Fp

    Update 5 [7-3-20]

    • Added ring of stone effect • Fixed moss giant not hitting and other catacomb monsters • Added inventory change spellbook option to magic cape • Changed crafting skill npc tan and trade option • Add ::slayer to commands list • Reduced Seren & Sotetseg attack range from 25 -> 12 • Made all mysterious emblems tradable • Fixed and added more to slayer helm creating and imbuing and reworked and added missing bits of code and fixes • Changed Superior slayer spawn rate from 1/200 -> 1/100 • Increased blood money amount from wildy skilling • Added rules to Outlast interface • Reduced RoW and $10 scroll price in Tourney Pt shop • Added Zul teleport as 1:1 drop to Zulrah • Fixed broken Cerberus task assignment from Keymaster in Cerberus Lair Now correctly counts, counts down, and gives slayer XP
  3. Fp

    Update 4 [6-30-20]

    • Fixed Freetoplay tourney left click attack option • Edited HC iron death yell • Lowered Dragon ammo prices in PvM shop • Removed PvP item degrade • Added tyrannical and treasonous rings to announce • Removed click on portal to tele out of Inferno and added ::leaveinferno command So people will not accidentally leave the Inferno • Removed Teleport wizard as all tele's can be accessed from spellbook • Changed some PKP shop prices; FoE exchange and shop prices • FIXED HARMONISED STAFF CASTING/AUTOCASTING FASTER • Removed Fat Damage buff from Harm staff that was there only until we got the above sorted • Added protect item values to Icons • Raised respawn time on Ranger and Mager during TzKal-Zuk (boss fight) part of Inferno • Added Elder Chaos Druids to Wilderness Collection Log
  4. Fp

    Update 3 [6-28-20]

    Our third installment of updates... • Added "::cl" command to open collection log • Added all revenants to Revenant slayer task • Nerfed Chaos Ele • Fixed adding grimy herbs to Herb Sack • Changed PureNH tourney to F2P tourney • Fixed Defender Icon + Added Dragonfire damage reduction to it • Added Buff to Range and Mage for Attacker Icon • Fixed dialogue "talk to" option to only give wildy task like "assign" • Nerf to Wildy Boss Emblem drop/upgrade rate (1/30 from wildy bosses 1/60 from elders) • Made all PvP gear/weapons degradable • Added occult to announce • Added superior bone crushing • Added $10 scroll to vote shop • Added ghosts to west of hillies in wild • Lowered RoW price in donation shop
  5. Fp

    Extreme Donator

    done thanks brother ❤️ and will have to rework the icon ranks on the forums some day soon
  6. Here's the changes/patchnotes! 🙂 • Added blood money to revs and wildy bosses • Lowered Defence of Dagannoth Kings, Elder Chaos Druids, Kril, Zilyana and Hydras • Fixed Kree minions not counting for aviansies Slayer task • Removed ore and bar drops from Rex Collection Log • Fixed broken wildy boss mysterious emblem system • BIG BUFF to mysterious emblem rate from wildy bosses, wildy slayer, and PvP • Imbued slayer helm now working for range • Added Oldschool bot to discord • Reduced Box of Health recharge time • Fixed a bug with Mysterious Emblems • Fixed other Essence pouch models • Removed Amulet of Damned from Barrows Collection Logs • Increased Morytania Diary legs Bonecrusher Buff • Added Dragon platebody to Rune Dragon drops • Added more to Fire of Exchange • Made new FoE Chest for sale in the Fire of Exchange Shop • Added more to Blood Money Shop • Added more to PKP shop • Big cut to PKP shop prices • Added brimstone ring magic damage buff • Fixed PvP Armor double announce
  7. Welcome to our first update log on NovaScape OSRS A nice little chunk of fixes and qol updates over last few days. • Fixed Statius plate being worn in leg slot • Fixed PvP Armor Def Reqs • Added Ghrazi Rapier to raids rares • Shortened Outlast lobby timer to 2 minutes • Added Damaged Books to Ironman store • Fixed Nechryarch not giving slayer exp • Fixed Magic Shortbow spec amount used • Fixed a Outlast exploit • Added barrows to announced drops • Made PvP gear pieces able to be stored in looting bag • Raised PvP gear drop rates • Added item values to PvP pieces • Fixed amethyst noting • Fixed infernal mage combat • Raised drop rate for PvP gear • Raised amethyst arrow price • Raised bolt prices • Buffed and changed up some drops at ::Wildyevent • Added Ultra Mbox & Tome of Fire to Hunllef chest • Fixed Tome of Fire and added Fire surge to spells buffed by it • Fixed being able to drop brews and such in outlast • Buffed Cooking XP rate • Raised tourney shop prices • Added new rule for no multilogging PKing (no pking on multiple accounts at once) • Fixed Dragonstone ring making • Fixed double announce on ammy of damned • Added snakeskin to snakes for irons to be able to make snakeskin boots etc. • Added snakes to skilling island • Added rockcake to PvM Shop • Added ancient staff to infernal and spiritual mage drop tables • Started working on some better achievements rewards • Added sell prices to PvP pieces • Adjusted some PvM shop prices • Removed Darklight from PvM Shop • Added statius warhammer spec • Changed Mage of Zamorak "trade option" to "Tele" • Added noted imp jars to hunter store • Fixed Essence pouch model • Fixed Armadyl Stole model • Add ::drag to commands list • Added damaged God books to General Store • Black masks more rare • Added ring of charos to slayer store • Added some drops to Battle Mages • Added decant for Irons • Added drop-table option to a few more NPC's • Added Bloodhound to Master Clue and collection log • Added and changed a few things on Fire of Exchange - more to come • Added ranger gloves to medium clues and collection log
  8. Fp

    Raids (CoX) Guide

    A guide on how to do Raids First go to ::raids to start raiding. The drop rate of a rare key is 1/50. Requirements: 1500 Total level (Normal/Iron man modes) 750 Total level (OSRS mode) (Strongly Recommended) 90+ Range of Strength/Attack Gear/Equipment: This depends on what you have. Full void (Optimal) Barrows items + Whip Best in slot: Rings/Amulets/Boots/Ammunition Inventory: 1x Super Anti-fire potion (Olm Boss) 3x Saradomin Brews (Olm Boss) 2-3x Super Restore or Prayer potions 8x Sharks/Manta Ray Raids Rooms: All the rooms are in a different order, so this changes every time you do raids. You have 5 Boss rooms until you get to the final room (Olm) Lizardman Shamans 3x Lizardman Shamans use Melee damage, use protect from melee and they wont hit you. Tag them all on solo's, and just kill them. They will drop Overload (1). Pick one up and use one if you haven't yet. Also pickup the sharks if you are lacking some food. Muttadile: This Boss only does melee damage, he wont hit if you use protect from Melee. Sharks are dropped here as well if you're lacking on food. Vasa Nistirio: This is a range/mage Boss, use protect from magic against this boss. You can get hit by this Boss up to 40s, so beware! This boss drops: 2x Overload 2x shark Vanguard: This boss room is 3 NPCs, 2 Melee and 1 Mage. All of them will drop sharks. After this room you will ALWAYS get the Ice Demon room. Ice Demon: The Ice demon uses Melee attack, as shown in the picture you can safe spot it behind the brazier, otherwise use protect from melee. This Boss drops 1-3 Saradomin Brew (3) Skeletal Mystics: These mages use magic attacks Use protect from Magic and focus them down one by one with your team. These drop: 2-5x Sharks Their own Rare drop table Tekton: This boss is the second hardest boss of Raids, it uses melee attacks and has a high defense bonus. Tekton will hit you through prayer! This NPC drops: 1x Saradomin brews (4) 1-2x Super restore protion (3) 4-10 sharks Final Boss: Olm After killing all the 5 bosses you will get the Final boss: Great Olm. The final boss can hit you up to 40-49 so be careful and make sure your health stays at least above half. An overload and a antifire potion help a lot here. Kill the 2 Claws and then the Head.
  9. Fp

    Mage Arena Guide

    How to get a imbued god cape Requirements: 60+ Magic 37+ Prayer Equipment: Glory / Fury / Occult God robes / Mystic / Ahrim's Ancient / Slayer staff / Master wand+ Ring of wealth is recommended Inventory: 4 Sara brews 4 Super restore potions 2 Prayer potions or super restore Runes (Fire wave / Magic dart / Trident) (Rune pouch recommended) Sharks / Manta Ray How to: 1. Equip everything and prepare yourself, your going to the wilderness. 2. Use the teleport to "Mage bank" and walk all to the "Mage Arena" (Do not talk to the mage inside the mage bank) 3. Use protect from magic to decrease the damage output, and kill the "Battle Mages" inside the Arena. Each faction drops their Imbued Cape, so they do NOT drop all the capes on one NPC. Good luck!
  10. Crystal Caves Guide Content 1. NPC Locations 2. Hunllef Boss 3. Rewards Note: You can only attack NPCs that are currently assigned for your task. Also, the Elven Signet Ring (purchasable from slayer shop for 300 slayer points) will boost your accuracy and max hit against crystalline npcs. NPC LOCATIONS HUNLLEF BOSS Accuracy: High Defense: High Special: Switches protection prayers based on the attack style you are doing. Recommended Levels to Have: 90+ Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, HP Recommended Gear: High Healing/Combo Food Sara Brews Range/Melee Setup Requirements: - Range / Melee stats (90s+ Optimally) - Void / Tank armor (Void Optimally) - Crystalline Key (Dropped by NPCs in the Crystal Cave) - Slayers task within the Crystal Cave to enter. Supplies: -1x Combat potion -1x Ranging potion -8x Saradomin Brews -5x Restore Potion -8x Manta ray (Depends on your gear) -Rune Pouch with Vengeance -Crystalline Key How to kill Hunllef: 1:) Go to Crystal Cave and run to the Boss location 2:) Pot up and kill it, using range when he is protecting from melee, range it when he is protecting from melee. Also run when he's using magic, that's the only protection. 3:) Use protect from Melee and you should be fine, using your brews first and use your Manta Ray if your getting to low on health When you have successfully slain Hunllef, you will be teleported to the chest! REWARDS FROM HUNLLEF'S CHEST Rare Items(1/5): Crystal Armour Corrupt Crystal Armour Blade of Saeldor Youngllef Pet
  11. Simple Overview for Starter Cash! Outlast This is a PvP tournament every hour, you will compete and fight against other players to be the last one left alive. Anyone can enter this tournament at any level with 0 gear required; stats and items are given to you to use for the tournament when you enter it! 🙂 TIP! Alchables Always bring High Alch with you, this is because you can alch your rune/dragon drops. This can grow your cash stack quickly depending on what your killing. Also this helps you to be more efficient and make longer runs places. Revenants (Wilderness) Revenants drop good supplies and alchables. You can also try your luck at hunting a unfortunate player who has been camping at Revs a while! 😛 - PK Tickets - Wildy Weapons (Craw's Bow, Thammaron's Sceptre, Viggora's chainmace) - Ancient Emblem NovaScape PvM In NovaScape you can get coin bags, resource drops, crystal keys, and clue scrolls as fairly common drops. All of these are very useful to help move forward and accrue some wealth. Slayer This might be one of the most important skill to do, because you can get good loot from the NPCs as well as getting points to spend in the Slayer shop. Other bonuses of training Slayer is that as you progressively kill monsters, you also will earn PVM Points which allow you to buy certain items in the PVM Shop. You can buy PVM Caskets, Crystal Keys and loads of other items to make cash from. - Rare drops - Good Alchable's - Slayer points and equipment Thieving On average, 99 thieving will run you about an hour of your time. In that hour of time, if you are not a donator; you can bring in about 8M an hour. If you are a donator and have access to any of the donator zones, you'll be able to average over 10M+ GP an hour. Hunter Hunter has always been a money maker in the history of OSRS so it's just about the same on NovaScape. Gray, Red and Black Chinchompa's are all extremely profitable early game whether selling to the general store or to individual players who would like to use them for range training. Dragon Implings are also a very good go to because of the amount of bones they contribute to the economy. People need prayer XP so you are destined to make money selling Dragon Bones. Runecrafting This is one of the easiest ways to make money if you can handle the mind numbing grind of clicking back and forth for hours at a time. Rune Essence are sold in the General Store for chump change which then can be converted into any rune of your choosing. Once you reach a high enough Runecrafting level you will start receiving double and triple the amount of runes per Rune Essence. Runecrafting if doing it efficiently can easily bring in over 10M+ an hour if you stick to creating Nature Runes, Death Runes or Blood Runes. Voting Now this isn't going to be like, the best GP/HR or something but voting helps you and it also helps the status of the server. You receive cash along with vote tickets which allow you to buy items from the Vote Shop. After 10 days of voting you will also receive a Streak Key which will grant you a one time access to the Voting Chest for some pretty cool, rare items. Casually voting daily will just add a few extra chances of GP to your bank. Raids Raids are a very good mid-late game way to make money.
  12. Accepted and thanks a lot brother for all your help all the time 🙂❤️
  13. Our latest client and launcher download will be posted here! 🙂 Thank you for being a part of NovaScape! Click here to download NovaScape Launcher and Play Now!
  14. Also known as: FP Explanation: Flower Poker is usually played between 2 players, each player must plant 5 mithril seeds, depending upon the colors of 5 flowers, the outcome is decided. It's played basically the same as real poker. If both players have the same outcomes, then they will replant until one player wins. If either player plants a black or white flower, both players must replant all 5 mithril seeds. Note: Flower Poker can also sometimes be played with 3 or more players, in which case the player with the best outcome from the 5 flowers wins. If 2 or more more players are tied for the best outcome then they will replant to decide a winner, and any players will an inferior outcome will have lost their bet. Flower Poker combinations from Best To Worst: Any five Flowers of the same colour (Five-Of-A-Kind) Any four Flowers of the same colour (Four-Of-A-Kind) Any three Flowers of the same colour together with any two flowers of the same colour (Full House) Any three Flowers of the same colour (Three-Of-A-Kind) Any two Flowers of the same colour together with two flowers of the same colour (Two Pair) Any two Flowers of the same colour (One Pair) Any five Flowers of the different colour (Bust) Black and White flowers are a replant Dice Games 55x2 One Roll Win or Lose The host must have a dice bag to begin The player must trade the host the bet to begin the dicing bet Roll of 55 or higher = Player who places bet wins Roll of 54 or lower = Host wins x2: Refers to the total pot of the dice which will be the winnings. Dice Duel vs Best out of 3, winner takes all Each player must take turns rolling for each round up to 3 total rounds The player who rolls the highest number for each turn wins the round The player must win 2 rounds of 3 to receive the winnings *You can request a middleman to hold No particular order is required for each roll but you can only roll once per turn Players may choose between best of 3 or best of 5 rounds Black Jack Any number of rolls hit or stay The host must have a dice bag to begin You must pay the host or a middleman your bet Each roll the better must hit or stay (H/S) The goal is for both players to hit as close to 100 as possible If the host rolls higher than the better and doesn't bust over 100, the host wins If the player hits the highest number and host busts, the host pays x2 of the bet Players go first and host must try to beat the players highest rolls
  15. THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING NOVASCAPE IN EACH AND EVERY WAY YOU DO! LOVE YOU ALL AND ALSO THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION SUPPORT IT REALLY HELPS TO KEEP THE SERVER ALIVE AND HELPS US TO GROW AND BE ABLE TO EXPEND AND IMPROVE ALL AROUND, MUCH APPRECIATION TO YOU ALL! Donating is all currently done through our webstore at http://novascape.everythingrs.com/services/store Claiming dollar scrolls ingame is how you earn donator ranks, get donator points to spend ingame, and help support our server! Current Donor Information is as follows below: 10$ Donation Claimed In-Game: Access to ::dzone - Donator Zone Accessibility to ::yell chat (60 second timer) 50$ Donation claimed In-game: Includes all of the above benefits plus: 3% Droprate 100$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 4% Droprate ::bank command to quickly bank anywhere 200$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 5% Droprate 300$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 7% Droprate ::vz (VIP zone) ::yell now 30 second timer 500$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 8% Droprate ::yell now 1 second timer (do not spam it and abuse it use it wisely) 1000$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 10% Droprate ::uz (Uber zone) 2500$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 12% Droprate 5000$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 14% Droprate MORE PERKS AND ZONES TO COME. ALONG WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS! 🙂 ❤️
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