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  1. Another juicy little update for you all I sure hope you enjoy! • Added the new untradable items to untradables (had forgot to do so) • Adjusted some more item values • Adjusted some donator shop prices • Fixed a issue with slayer helms for melee • Changed some ingame tip text • Fixed enchanted ring text • Added a Bob to ::highrisk • Change rev cave tele item tele location (now teles you inside of main rev cave) • Added Droprate bonus and message for pickup to Collector necklace • Added Collector's necklace to donator shop • Fixed vampire attack distance • Buffed Craw's bow • Fixed some of abyssal runecrafting • Changed some of Verzik's combat • Reworked Treasure Trails (Clue scrolls) • Added a lot of clue dig locations • Reworked a lot of the achievement system and added a few new achievements • Removed donor rank required on some things • Fixed some incorrect text some locations • Reduced Faceguard droprate from 1/1000 to 1/900 • Fixed up some more clue scroll text • Few other small things all over • Added in Dragon Hunter Lance effect and correct attack animation • Added level requirement for infernal bar making and infernal helm making • Adjusted some item values • Added Vyrewatch Vampire to slayer skilling menu info • Added infernal information to skilling menu (fishing, mining, smithing, and crafting[armour]) • Fixed 2 npcs right click options • Adjusted skilling token increments • Added infernal eel noted to more easier farm them from the wildy resource • Added halos to vote shop + added infinite run to the halos • Added a black mythical cape to vote shop
  2. • Nerfed gwd Boss and minion respawn time • Fully coded in other NPC's Dragon Hunter crossbow has bonus dmg to • Added ::rc tele to get to abyss and option on Runecrafting npc at ::skill • Added runecrafting teleports in the Abyss • Added check task option to hydra slay helms • Reduced Verzik melee distance • Fixed some achievements • Removed some incorrect text • Added Salve ei • Added Infernal bar making at the wilderness resource area furnace • Added Infernal slayer helm • Added Amulet of blood fury • Reworked Vampire's and Verzik's stats • Adjusted some droptables • Added enchanted ring to donator shop (15dr ring)
  3. Another lovely update for you lovely people! 🙂 hope you all enjoy! Our Chambers of Xeric now has some mechanics! 🙂😉 These mechanics will not be 1:1 with OSRS or anything over the top hard but they are implemented to make CoX (Raids 1) more of a fun and rewarding slight challenge rather than something half-boring and half-afkable. 😛 🙂 Muttadile This lizardy-alligator looking fellow now has all 3 attack styles instead of just meleeing; • Magic attack - white projectile • Ranged attack - green projectile that venoms you • And his melee attack if you are within 2 tiles of him Lizardman Shaman • Ranged attack - a little green projectile; one of his range projectile attacks can poison you Lizardman alternates between range and melee if you are within melee distance. Ice Demon • Magic attack - white projectile • Ranged attack - green projectile • Melee attack same as any other raids npc Vasa Nistirio • Magic attack - purple projectile • Ranged attack - spiky grey ball looking projectile • Special attack - blue projectile that stuns you for 1 second • Vasa has no melee attack at all Tekton & the Vanguards These fellows are still extremely straight forward just protect melee and smash through them. The Great Olm Olm now has several different attacks he utilizes and they are as follow: • Magic attack - purple projectile • Ranged attack - green projectile • Special attack (stun) - fast bright green dragon fire ball that stuns you • Special attack (venom) - dark green dragon fire wave that envenoms you • Special attack (heal) - pink dragon fire wave that damages you and heals great olm a random amount 🔻Other update patchnotes 🔻 • Buffed doubler gamble rate tiny bit and lowered minimum gamble requirement • Added mithril seeds to supplies shop at home • Fixed wrong Dbolts in starter kit • Fixed some starter items • Extended blood key time on ground before removal • Added value to PKP and DP (so they can be gambled at ::doubler) • Added Blowpipe to PKP store • Raised TSoTD and BP value • Added a few teleports • Reworked fishing skill some for QoL • Fixed some agility course requirements • Fixed an announcement • Fixed Revenant knight attack distance • Fixed some gross text • Added heavy ballista to pkp shop • Fixed vote ::reward command saying not valid command and claiming anyways • Adjusted a few items prices/values • Fixed ironman shop access/restrictions • Few other small things I can't remember • Shortened Jungle demon respawn time • Added more Jungle demon spawns • Reduced Demonic Gorilla melee def • Added drops to superior slayer npcs • Fixed mithril seeds • Added colored slay helm i creation + hydra slayer helm • Added colored slayer items to npc's drop tables • Fully coded in all slayer helms combat effect • Fixed/adjusted some more item prices • Reworked slayer skill menu • Added slayer level requirement to Cerberus • Reworked some drop tables some more • Removed combat level requirement on Blood key pickup • Changed some respawn times • Made sand crabs aggressive and added more to their location • Added some more tele commands for convenience • Added Toxic blowpipe to donator store • Added imbued heart to superior slayer monster rare drops • Changed up rare slayer and rare pvp drop rewards • Raised sand crab roam distance • Adjusted some item values and raids token shop prices • Added combat mechanics to Chambers of Xeric bosses • Added heal box outside of raids • Added more Blood key and Skotizo spawn locations • Removed inability to use wildy agility course gate if in combat • Added minimum combat level of 90 to pickup the Blood key • Small buff to CoX rare rate
  4. Welcome to NovaScape PK and the very beginning of our update log/patchnotes! We sure hope you enjoy everything and have a great, fun time! • Added Nightmare items and Neitiznot Faceguard • Added sounds to a lot of weapons/combat styles • Fixed surge spells vs players and bots • Lowered Slayer task kill PKP reward • Set up auto vote and donation • Removed null options from infernal ore • Raised mystery box prices • Rewrote donator rank system • Added gambler npc • Added more teles to minigames • Reworked donator rank names and yell colors • Reworked cache some and made new background • Added Toxic staff, blowpipe, serp helm, magma helm, tanz helm and kodai wand making • Added Dragon knives • Fixed and reworked rare Chambers of xeric raid rewards • Set up all store, vote, thread, etc. commands • Lowered Skotizo health • Added custom pet point shop • Added more information in server announcements • Reworked crystal chest a lot • Added in crystal key drops • Reworked drop tables some • Fixed up welcome interface/game mode selection • Added dragon knives and implemented their spec, added to PKP shop and Hydra/Drake • Added Ultimate donator zone • Decorated home and other areas some more • Reworked ingame guides • Fixed bank command • Fixed selling items to shops • Adjusted item values some • Added Nightmare staffs to the Blood key rewards • Added Inquisitor Gear to the colored wilderness key/chest • Added Neitiznot Faceguard to Jungle Demon droptable • Added Dragon platebody to Galvek droptable • Added in Sanguinesti staff spell and heal effect • Added in Verzik Vitur wildy boss with corresponding ToB drops • Added brimstone ring defence piercing effect • Added tele to Verzik • Added Ancient wyvern shield effect and drop • Added Ava's Assembler creation + removed assembler from shop • Fixed a visual issue with client • Added sounds for the bolt specs Muuuuch more to come 🙂😉❤️
  5. The Blood key/mini blood key and Wilderness chests contain some of the best loot obtainable from the Wilderness. This is a brief overview on the keys/chests/rewards. Blood key The blood key spawns every hour in one of several random Wilderness locations and must be picked up very shortly after it is able to be picked up (around 3 minutes). When it first spawns everyone will have to wait one minute to pick it up (to give time to players to get there). When you pick up this key it will announce in the world chat as well as teleblock you so you must run your way down and out of the Wilderness to escape with the Blood key and claim its reward. The blood key always gives 20K PK points which is quite a nice hefty reward. The rare loot table consists only of 3 items; the 3 Nightmare staffs, Volatile, Harmonised, and Eldritch. These staffs drop from the chest at a rate of 1 in 400. Mini-Blood key The mini-blood key is the 1/1 drop from the Skotizo ::event. Skotizo spawns every 2-3 hours and is also spawned in 1 of 4 random locations around the Wilderness. The 1/1 loot from this key is 13K PK points. Rare items have 1 in 12 chance of dropping from this chest and they consist of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold mystery boxes. The Blood chest The Blood chest is located just outside of the Home/Edgeville bank. Use your blood or mini-blood key on the chest to receive your reward. The Colored Wilderness Keys and Chests The Colored wilderness keys are dropped from many of the Wilderness Bosses including but not limited to Vet'ion, Venenatis, Callisto etc. The chests to use these keys on are also located in the Wilderness in four different locations so these can be a challenge to get out there and get the key, get home safely with the key or go directly to the chest and loot then head on home. The 1/1 loot from these keys/chests is 8K PK points. Uncommon loot drops at 1/30 and consists of Bronze, Silver, and Gold mystery boxes as well as the Custom pet point scroll to redeem for 1 custom pet point to spend! The rare table consists of the full Inquisitor armor set as well as the Inquisitor Mace all dropping at a rate of 1 in 350.
  6. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  7. great to have you and glad you are enjoying it man! Much love
  8. welcome welcome man 😛 we are glad you're here 🙂
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    done thanks brother ❤️ and will have to rework the icon ranks on the forums some day soon
  10. Accepted and thanks a lot brother for all your help all the time 🙂❤️
  11. Our latest client and launcher download will be posted here! 🙂 Thank you for being a part of NovaScape! Click here to download NovaScape Launcher and Play Now!
  12. Also known as: FP Explanation: Flower Poker is usually played between 2 players, each player must plant 5 mithril seeds, depending upon the colors of 5 flowers, the outcome is decided. It's played basically the same as real poker. If both players have the same outcomes, then they will replant until one player wins. If either player plants a black or white flower, both players must replant all 5 mithril seeds. Note: Flower Poker can also sometimes be played with 3 or more players, in which case the player with the best outcome from the 5 flowers wins. If 2 or more more players are tied for the best outcome then they will replant to decide a winner, and any players will an inferior outcome will have lost their bet. Flower Poker combinations from Best To Worst: Any five Flowers of the same colour (Five-Of-A-Kind) Any four Flowers of the same colour (Four-Of-A-Kind) Any three Flowers of the same colour together with any two flowers of the same colour (Full House) Any three Flowers of the same colour (Three-Of-A-Kind) Any two Flowers of the same colour together with two flowers of the same colour (Two Pair) Any two Flowers of the same colour (One Pair) Any five Flowers of the different colour (Bust) Black and White flowers are a replant Dice Games 55x2 One Roll Win or Lose The host must have a dice bag to begin The player must trade the host the bet to begin the dicing bet Roll of 55 or higher = Player who places bet wins Roll of 54 or lower = Host wins x2: Refers to the total pot of the dice which will be the winnings. Dice Duel vs Best out of 3, winner takes all Each player must take turns rolling for each round up to 3 total rounds The player who rolls the highest number for each turn wins the round The player must win 2 rounds of 3 to receive the winnings *You can request a middleman to hold No particular order is required for each roll but you can only roll once per turn Players may choose between best of 3 or best of 5 rounds Black Jack Any number of rolls hit or stay The host must have a dice bag to begin You must pay the host or a middleman your bet Each roll the better must hit or stay (H/S) The goal is for both players to hit as close to 100 as possible If the host rolls higher than the better and doesn't bust over 100, the host wins If the player hits the highest number and host busts, the host pays x2 of the bet Players go first and host must try to beat the players highest rolls
  13. THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING NOVASCAPE IN EACH AND EVERY WAY YOU DO! LOVE YOU ALL AND ALSO THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION SUPPORT IT REALLY HELPS TO KEEP THE SERVER ALIVE AND HELPS US TO GROW AND BE ABLE TO EXPAND AND IMPROVE ALL AROUND, MUCH APPRECIATION TO YOU ALL! Donating is all currently done through our webstore at http://novascape.everythingrs.com/services/store Claiming dollar scrolls ingame is how you earn donator ranks, get donator points to spend ingame, and help support our server! Current Donor Information is as follows below: 10$ Donation Claimed In-Game: • Access to ::dzone - Donator Zone • ::yell chat 50$ Donation claimed In-game: Includes all of the above benefits plus: • 3% Droprate Bonus 120$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: • 5% Droprate Bonus • Access to Smooth and Crazy dances 300$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: • 10% Droprate • ::bank • ::setyelltag yelltaghere • ::settitle titlehere • ::titlebeforename • ::titleaftername 600$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: • 30% Droprate • Access to Ultimate donator zone - ::udz • Free Super combat and sanfew serum potion refills • 1 custom pet point 1200$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: • 25% Droprate • 1 custom pet point 2500$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: • 30% Droprate • ::xteletome playername - teleport a player to you (with their permission[dialogue prompt is given]) • ::xteleto playername - teleport to a player (with their permission[dialogue prompt is given]) 5000$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: • 35% Droprate • Completionist Cape 10,000$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: • 45% Droprate • 2 custom pet points 15,000$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: • 55% Droprate • 3 custom pet points • mini-me pet MORE PERKS AND ZONES TO COME. ALONG WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS! 🙂 ❤️
  14. Official NovaScape Staff Application Staff Requirements and Guidelines For our staff here on NovaScape, as a community, we all expect a certain level of helpfulness, time committed, respectfulness, kindness, and a lot of other good qualities from them. We are always working towards bettering ourselves as a RSPS, community, as people, and any other way we can. All staff will be required to be kind, patient, and helpful to those requesting or needing help or assistance. All staff will need to be committed to playing and helping the server in some way or another if they wish to be staff. This entails being on NovaScape, as well as either forums or discord as much as you enjoy and can 😋preferably 20+ hours a week. Either helping as much as you can ingame, discord, or in various other ways as much as you would like to and can. And a lot more things come with it that can go without mention, overall just being a team player and being dedicated to helping to server and help us grow is what it take 🙂 All staff will adhere to all of NovaScape rules and help others to follow them as well All staff will be required to help advertise for NovaScape in some form or fashion if they are able to All staff will warn players not following NovaScape rules and if they continue to bend and break them they should either take action muting/jailing/banning depending on the circumstance or if they can not, report it to a higher member of staff who can. All staff members who disappear for long periods of time away from NovaScape ingame/discord/forums entirely will be demoted slowly until they are removed from staff unless they have a valid reason we understand for being away such as... Family Emergency Illness or immediate family/loved one ill and taking care of them Bad irl situations going on (could be a lot of things) Hospital Stays Dead computer/internet etc. Our Official Staff application to copy/paste, fill out and post in Staff Application. Age: In-Game Username/Discord Name: Will you be really active in-game/discord/forums?: Languages you can speak: Timezone: Days/Hours available (as well as times you are not): Reasons for applying for staff: Previous experience with RSPS and/or as staff: Will you both follow the rules, and help other to?: Will you help us advertise NovaScape in some form?: Have you read and fully understand the Guidelines posted above:
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    sick @Hehes 🙂 thanks a lot man 😛 🙂
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