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  1. Doing great bud thank you! Keep up the awesome work.
  2. Age:28 In-Game Username/Discord Name:Tic for Both Forums and Discord Will you be really active in-game/discord/forums?:I will be as active as possible i will guarantee I will meet and most likely surpass the required 20 hours being on one or more of the required outlets. Languages you can speak: English Timezone:Central Days/Hours available (as well as times you are not): My play time is fairly sporadic and constantly changing. Reasons for applying for staff: I thoroughly enjoy the server and an important part of a successful server is having people that are able to contribute in a positive matter and I feel as if I am capable of doing so. Previous experience with RSPS and/or as staff: I owned a server way back when for a few months and over 13 years I have assisted on many others as a Mod, Admin ,Co ownership , and server support Will you both follow the rules, and help other to?: yes i will help contribute to keeping the server friendly and enjoyable to the best of my ability. Will you help us advertise NovaScape in some form?: Yes whether is be paid advertisement or assisting in other forms i am willing to help build the server up. Have you read and fully understand the Guidelines posted above: Yes i have. Thank you for any consideration.
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