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  1. Spamm?mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdjdhdhdhdirirjdhdjhrhrhtjtjtj ok done
  2. Hello im sir house1.this server is grate. Join us!!!! Feel free to add me ingame fewl free to ask questions and dont forget to join discord
  3. Age: In-Game Username/Discord Name: Ingame name is Sir house1 / discord : 0sir house10 Will you be really active in-game/discord/forums?: yes i am already 2 to 8 hrs per day ingame and i check discord reguarly. Languages you can speak:only english Timezone: centeral usa Days/Hours available (as well as times you are not):sunday through thursday i work 1 to 10 pm Reasons for applying for staff :I love to help people and i love this server and want to offer more to the server and help make it grow Previous experience with RSPS and/or as staff: I have alot of experience with rsps and as well as runescape...as far as staff i have none how ever i do work with customer service at work every day. Will you both follow the rules, and help other to?:yes i will always follow rules and help others Will you help us advertise NovaScape in some form?: i will create ticktok videos and post them on youtube Have you read and fully understand the Guidelines posted above:yes fully and compleatly
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