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  1. Age: 20 nearly 21 In-Game Username/Discord Name: Unknown Will you be really active in-game/discord/forums?: i always check discord on my phone if im not online/on my laptop to check if anyone ever needs help with anything and just to chat with the community so yes, i will be really active :) Languages you can speak: English Timezone: GMT (UK) worked out well on Valius as when i was to log off, other staff members would log in and take over Days/Hours available (as well as times you are not): I am pretty much available 24/7 :'D Reasons for applying for staff: I really enjoy helping out players as much as i can, if its in the form of giving advice about the game and giving new players a little starter pack of my own to giving advice on irl problems if needed Previous experience with RSPS and/or as staff: Mod once and Support twice on valius then various postions a few years ago Will you both follow the rules, and help other to?: Of course i would as anyone that bends and breaks the rules needs to learn that there are thing that you can and can not say/do on the game as it could offend someone else thats playing the game and it would show new players that the community is toxic and not worth staying if they were to see it. Will you help us advertise NovaScape in some form?: I would try my best to, i could also try to make a few youtube videos/guides to showcase what the best custom server out there has to offer! Have you read and fully understand the Guidelines posted above: Yes i have and i could not agree with them more as they are very fair and straight forward, anyone that breaks the rules are doing so willingly and action should be taken against them :) <3
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