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Found 4 results

  1. Also known as: FP Explanation: Flower Poker is usually played between 2 players, each player must plant 5 mithril seeds, depending upon the colors of 5 flowers, the outcome is decided. It's played basically the same as real poker. If both players have the same outcomes, then they will replant until one player wins. If either player plants a black or white flower, both players must replant all 5 mithril seeds. Note: Flower Poker can also sometimes be played with 3 or more players, in which case the player with the best outcome from the 5 flowers wins. If 2 or more more players are tied for the best outcome then they will replant to decide a winner, and any players will an inferior outcome will have lost their bet. Flower Poker combinations from Best To Worst: Any five Flowers of the same colour (Five-Of-A-Kind) Any four Flowers of the same colour (Four-Of-A-Kind) Any three Flowers of the same colour together with any two flowers of the same colour (Full House) Any three Flowers of the same colour (Three-Of-A-Kind) Any two Flowers of the same colour together with two flowers of the same colour (Two Pair) Any two Flowers of the same colour (One Pair) Any five Flowers of the different colour (Bust) Black and White flowers are a replant Dice Games 55x2 One Roll Win or Lose The host must have a dice bag to begin The player must trade the host the bet to begin the dicing bet Roll of 55 or higher = Player who places bet wins Roll of 54 or lower = Host wins x2: Refers to the total pot of the dice which will be the winnings. Dice Duel vs Best out of 3, winner takes all Each player must take turns rolling for each round up to 3 total rounds The player who rolls the highest number for each turn wins the round The player must win 2 rounds of 3 to receive the winnings *You can request a middleman to hold No particular order is required for each roll but you can only roll once per turn Players may choose between best of 3 or best of 5 rounds Black Jack Any number of rolls hit or stay The host must have a dice bag to begin You must pay the host or a middleman your bet Each roll the better must hit or stay (H/S) The goal is for both players to hit as close to 100 as possible If the host rolls higher than the better and doesn't bust over 100, the host wins If the player hits the highest number and host busts, the host pays x2 of the bet Players go first and host must try to beat the players highest rolls
  2. NovaScape Custom Slayer Here on NovaScape Custom we have some unique features to the Slayer skill that are useful and beneficial to the PvM grind. There are different unique rewards you can purchase as well as being able to do Slayer either Solo or Duo with a partner! You can buy multipliers to up the amount of slayer tickets you receive from Custom Slayer Dungeons! You can buy a VIP slayer license (grants the VIP Slayer gem) which allows unlimited tele to task as well as tele to the VIP slayer area with this gem Double Slayer XP certificate for those that want to get to max fast or have the heart for grinding prestiges! You can even buy regular donator status for slayer tickets! Once you hit 25 Slayer you begin doing Custom slayer in the 4 Custom Slayer Dungeons we have here on NovaScape. (Npc stats and chest rewards subject to change based on player suggestion and economy need. Dungeons are very newly implemented.) • Betrayed • Damned • Hidden • Cursed Each have their own unique slayer monsters, ballista, and chest reward rares to obtain! (All uncommon and common chest loots are currently the same this is subject to change in future based on player suggestion and economy need) And last but certainly not least we have our custom ::slayer progression! You can earn many unique, cool, and helpful items just by grinding out slayer and doing various specific tasks along with your slayer grind! We hope you enjoy it all and all to come! (Kill assigned tasks only counts for custom dungeon slayer monster tasks)
  3. THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPPORTING NOVASCAPE IN EACH AND EVERY WAY YOU DO! LOVE YOU ALL AND ALSO THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION SUPPORT IT REALLY HELPS TO KEEP THE SERVER ALIVE AND HELPS US TO GROW AND BE ABLE TO EXPEND AND IMPROVE ALL AROUND, MUCH APPRECIATION TO YOU ALL! Donating is all currently done through our webstore at http://novascape.everythingrs.com/services/store Claiming dollar scrolls ingame is how you earn donator ranks, get donator points to spend ingame, and help support our server! Current Donor Information is as follows below: 10$ Donation Claimed In-Game: • Access to ::dzone - Donator Zone • ::yell chat • ::setyelltitle titlehere • ::decant - decant your potions • 8% Droprate Bonus 50$ Donation claimed In-game: Includes all of the above benefits plus: • Access to ::szone - Super Donator Zone • ::bank - access bank from anywhere nonwild • 15% Droprate Bonus 100$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: Access to ::ezone - Extreme Donator Zone 20% Droprate Bonus 250$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 25% Droprate 500$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 30% Droprate 1000$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 35% Droprate 1500$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 45% Droprate 2000$ claimed in-game: All of the above benefits plus: 60% Droprate MORE PERKS AND ZONES TO COME. ALONG WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS! 🙂 ❤️
  4. WELCOME TO NOVASCAPE CUSTOM General Overview Game Modes: Normal – Normal game mode as it comes. Normal XP rate and 0% DR increase. Iron Man – Normal with a twist.. Unable to trade, gamble, or used certain npc's. Normal XP rate and 6% DR increase. Ultimate Iron Man – Ironman with a twist! Ironman rules along with no bank (unless you have a collector's item [70 slot bank/collecting space]). Normal XP & 8% DR. Veteran Mode - Normal gameplay with no limits but on a harder scale. XP rate is significantly slower and 12% DR increase. Yes there are lots of unique custom features but overall most everything is very simple and easy to understand. One unique thing to be aware of ahead of time is that most death on NovaScape Custom is NOT SAFE, meaning you will drop your items and have to run back and get them upon death! Most of it is very self explanatory with the ctrl + hover for stats feature as well as the various descriptions around NovaScape. When first getting started.. It depends on which route you would like to go at first. If you would like to skill you could start at ::moneymaking or working on the skilling portion of ::starter. There is the ::afk area to collect resources and train even when you are away. And if you would like to PvM or PvP quickly there are also good routes to go for that! You can use command ::train or browse through the various teleports in our teleport interface. There are also ::slayer progression tasks as well as the ::daily challenges you can do every day! And of course there is always voting! You can vote and talk to the daily manager at home or do ::dailyreward for good rewards as well for staying loyal and supporting NovaScape! The shops can easily be accessed with ::shops So overall there are quite a few different ways for you to get a good start and get a very good grind going it's just up to you to choose which path you would like to take!🙂 We sure hope you enjoy and we are working on improving everything in every aspect for everyone to have the most fun they can have here on NovaScape!
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