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Mage Arena Guide

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How to get a imbued god cape




60+ Magic
37+ Prayer



Glory / Fury / Occult
God robes / Mystic / Ahrim's
Ancient / Slayer staff / Master wand+
Ring of wealth is recommended



4 Sara brews
4 Super restore potions
2 Prayer potions or super restore
Runes (Fire wave / Magic dart / Trident) (Rune pouch recommended)
Sharks / Manta Ray


How to:

1. Equip everything and prepare yourself, your going to the wilderness.
2. Use the teleport to "Mage bank" and walk all to the "Mage Arena" (Do not talk to the mage inside the mage bank)
3. Use protect from magic to decrease the damage output, and kill the "Battle Mages" inside the Arena.

Each faction drops their Imbued Cape, so they do NOT drop all the capes on one NPC.


Good luck!

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