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Raids (CoX) Guide

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How to Raid the Chambers of Xeric- An Old School RuneScape Guide ...

A guide on how to do Raids

First go to ::raids to start raiding.

The drop rate of a rare key is 1/50.


1500 Total level (Normal/Iron man modes)
750 Total level (OSRS mode)
(Strongly Recommended) 90+ Range of Strength/Attack

This depends on what you have.

Full void (Optimal)
Barrows items + Whip
Best in slot: Rings/Amulets/Boots/Ammunition




1x Super Anti-fire potion (Olm Boss)
3x Saradomin Brews (Olm Boss)
2-3x Super Restore or Prayer potions
8x Sharks/Manta Ray

Raids Rooms:

All the rooms are in a different order, so this changes every time you do raids.
You have 5 Boss rooms until you get to the final room (Olm)


Lizardman Shamans

3x Lizardman Shamans use Melee damage, use protect from melee and they wont hit you.
Tag them all on solo's, and just kill them.

They will drop Overload (1). Pick one up and use one if you haven't yet.
Also pickup the sharks if you are lacking some food.

Lizardman shaman - OSRS Wiki



This Boss only does melee damage, he wont hit if you use protect from Melee.
Sharks are dropped here as well if you're lacking on food.


Muttadile | Old School RuneScape Wiki | Fandom


Vasa Nistirio:

This is a range/mage Boss, use protect from magic against this boss.
You can get hit by this Boss up to 40s, so beware!

This boss drops:
2x Overload
2x shark

Vasa Nistirio - OSRS Wiki



This boss room is 3 NPCs, 2 Melee and 1 Mage.

All of them will drop sharks.
After this room you will ALWAYS get the Ice Demon room.

Vanguard - OSRS Wiki


Ice Demon:

The Ice demon uses Melee attack, as shown in the picture you can safe spot it behind the brazier, otherwise use protect from melee.

This Boss drops
1-3 Saradomin Brew (3)

Ice demon | Old School RuneScape Wiki | Fandom



Skeletal Mystics:

These mages use magic attacks Use protect from Magic and focus them down one by one with your team.

These drop:
2-5x Sharks
Their own Rare drop table



This boss is the second hardest boss of Raids, it uses melee attacks and has a high defense bonus.
Tekton will hit you through prayer!

This NPC drops:
1x Saradomin brews (4)
1-2x Super restore protion (3)
4-10 sharks

Fking Tekton by RS-LegendArts on DeviantArt


Final Boss: Olm

After killing all the 5 bosses you will get the Final boss: Great Olm.
The final boss can hit you up to 40-49 so be careful and make sure your health stays at least above half.
An overload and a antifire potion help a lot here.

Kill the 2 Claws and then the Head.
ArtStation - The Great Olm versus the Stud Unit., J. Alexander ...

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