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First Round of Updates [6-24-20]

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Welcome to our first update log on NovaScape OSRS
A nice little chunk of fixes and qol updates over last few days.

• Fixed Statius plate being worn in leg slot
• Fixed PvP Armor Def Reqs
• Added Ghrazi Rapier to raids rares
• Shortened Outlast lobby timer to 2 minutes
• Added Damaged Books to Ironman store
• Fixed Nechryarch not giving slayer exp
• Fixed Magic Shortbow spec amount used
• Fixed a Outlast exploit
• Added barrows to announced drops
• Made PvP gear pieces able to be stored in looting bag
• Raised PvP gear drop rates
• Added item values to PvP pieces
• Fixed amethyst noting
• Fixed infernal mage combat
• Raised drop rate for PvP gear
• Raised amethyst arrow price
• Raised bolt prices
• Buffed and changed up some drops at ::Wildyevent
• Added Ultra Mbox & Tome of Fire to Hunllef chest
• Fixed Tome of Fire and added Fire surge to spells buffed by it
• Fixed being able to drop brews and such in outlast
• Buffed Cooking XP rate
• Raised tourney shop prices
• Added new rule for no multilogging PKing (no pking on multiple accounts at once)
• Fixed Dragonstone ring making
• Fixed double announce on ammy of damned
• Added snakeskin to snakes for irons to be able to make snakeskin boots etc.
• Added snakes to skilling island
• Added rockcake to PvM Shop
• Added ancient staff to infernal and spiritual mage drop tables
• Started working on some better achievements rewards
• Added sell prices to PvP pieces
• Adjusted some PvM shop prices
• Removed Darklight from PvM Shop
• Added statius warhammer spec
• Changed Mage of Zamorak "trade option" to "Tele"
• Added noted imp jars to hunter store
• Fixed Essence pouch model
• Fixed Armadyl Stole model
• Add ::drag to commands list
• Added damaged God books to General Store
• Black masks more rare
• Added ring of charos to slayer store
• Added some drops to Battle Mages
• Added decant for Irons
• Added drop-table option to a few more NPC's
• Added Bloodhound to Master Clue and collection log
• Added and changed a few things on Fire of Exchange - more to come
• Added ranger gloves to medium clues and collection log

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