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Update 2 - Massive Bounty Hunter/Emblem and Fire of Exchange Rework [6-26-20]

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Here's the changes/patchnotes! 🙂 


• Added blood money to revs and wildy bosses
• Lowered Defence of Dagannoth Kings, Elder Chaos Druids, Kril, Zilyana and Hydras
• Fixed Kree minions not counting for aviansies Slayer task
• Removed ore and bar drops from Rex Collection Log
• Fixed broken wildy boss mysterious emblem system
• BIG BUFF to mysterious emblem rate from wildy bosses, wildy slayer, and PvP
• Imbued slayer helm now working for range
• Added Oldschool bot to discord
• Reduced Box of Health recharge time
• Fixed a bug with Mysterious Emblems
• Fixed other Essence pouch models
• Removed Amulet of Damned from Barrows Collection Logs
• Increased Morytania Diary legs Bonecrusher Buff
• Added Dragon platebody to Rune Dragon drops
• Added more to Fire of Exchange
• Made new FoE Chest for sale in the Fire of Exchange Shop
• Added more to Blood Money Shop
• Added more to PKP shop
• Big cut to PKP shop prices
• Added brimstone ring magic damage buff
• Fixed PvP Armor double announce

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