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• Small buff to PC gp per round
• Slow down elder maul attack speed
• Added Crystal bow damage buff perk to Crystal Armor
• Added Blade of Saeldor damage buff perk to Corrupt Crystal Armor
• Add bonecrusher to PvM shop
• Added combine option to crystal shards to make a Crystalline Key
• Added "Fight Hunllef" option to Crystalline Key to go tele into the fight
• Buffed DHCB accuracy vs Dragons
• Fixed FoE exploit
• Reworked Collection Log into Alphabetical Order
• Added Hydra heads to Alchemical Hydra droptable
• Changed Alch Hydra and Cerberus Task amount to 10-30
• Added drop rate boost to Dragonstone armor
• Fixed visual bug for Skulled in rev cave Droprate boost
• Added Hunllef/Hunllef chest to Collection Log
• Added Jad/Fight Caves to Collection Log
• Added Inferno/Tzkal-Zuk to Collection Log
• Reduced Callisto and other wildy bosses respawn time
• Nerfed Skeletal Mystics in Raids
• Tiny nerf to two of Olm's attacks (Ranged and Burn)
• Fixed Mythical Cape stats
• Fixed all combinations of making slayer helm working (using item on item)
• Fixed Karil's Amulet of the Damned Effect
• Fixed Guthan's Amulet of the Damned Effect
• Added Dusk Mystic to Fire of Exchange
• Buffed Dragon full helm and Dragon Platebody exchange price
• Added Mage Arena Battle Mage's to Collection Log
• Added Pets to Collection Log

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