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Update 10 - More Bug Fixes and Qol :) [7-15-20]

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Some more good ol bug reports, suggestions, and other QoL stuff we've all wanted improved on and what not... Hope you all enjoy! ❤️ 


• Slowed down dragon crossbow to correct speed
• Changed PVP weapons dropped to uncharged versions
• Moved bracelet of etherum to common table at revs
• Buffed Wildy Skilling PKP and BM reward
• Reduced karam fishing bait prices
• Lowered some Donor Shop prices
• Added Gem Bag to Blood Money Shop
• Fixed Gem Bag interact options
• Lowered Karam bait prices
• Added all OSRS items to Tokkul shop at Tzhaar Caves
• Fixed Venom/Poison properly showing removed on health Orb when leaving outlast or dying
• Fixed Anti-venom potion removing poison, showing in orb, and timer
• Fixed Anti-venom+ making
• Fixed some NPC dialogue interfaces
• Lowered Alch Hydra "buy task" price to 10m
• Small raise to Cerb and Alch Hydra task amounts (10-38)
• Fixed elven signet shard collecting configuration player saving
• Kraken snapdragon drops now are noted
• Added in Ale of the God animations when its equipped
• Added missing clue reward to Master clues (Ale of the Gods)

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