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Update 11 - Larran and Brimstone Keys, Blood fury & More! [7-18-20]

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A nice good juicy update for you all and I sure hope everyone enjoys it! ❤️ Much love from us @ NovaScape


• Added cooldown timer to DFS
• Moved Dlong from Hydra rare table to uncommon
• Fixed poison removal on raid death/leave
• Added in smoke battlestaff and added it to Thermo Devils drops
• Changed icons to amulet slot
• Raised dr boost on Collector icon
• Added PvM pts to Elder Chaos druid
• Lowered Dagannoth Mother and Pest Control requirement on Achievements
• Add mystic smoke staff to announced drops
• Raised BM amount from wildy bosses
• Added Blood money to Elder Chaos drops
• Fixed 3A FoE exchange price
• Fixed Skotizo counting for black demon and greater demon slayer tasks
• Added imbue dust to slayer shop
• Buffed crystal cave slayer xp
• Added tier II and III Outlast achievements
• Added default autocasting iban blast to iban staff
• Fixed surge spells vs Dagannoth Mother
• Added operate option to tome to check pages left
• Fixed tome of fire's Fire rune effect and reworked tome of fire a lot
• Added minimap icon for Fire of Exchange
• Removed two guardian's from Scorpia as in OSRS Scorpia only has two healers
• Fixed Smoke Devils area to be multi combat as it is in OSRS
• Small buff to the rate which dark totem pieces drop at in Catacombs
• Removed ash drops from demons
• Added Larran and Brimstone Keys and chests
• Added Dagon'hai robes
• Added Blood shard and blood fury
• Added in Amulet of blood fury melee healing effect (made it tiniest bit stronger than
  it is in OSRS)
• Added Blood shard to Seren, Sotetseg, and Larran Chests
• Buffed Zulrah scales amounts dropped
• Added Larran's key drops to Wildy Slayer (1/100 chance from kill while on wildy task)
• Added Larran's chest achievements
• Added chest loot tables for Larran and Brimstone Chest
• Reorganized and reworked ::mbox loot viewer
• Added teleport to brimstone chest (::brim)
• Removed dusk mystic from crystal caves npcs and added it to Brimstone chest
• Dusk mystic FoE exchange rate raised
• Added uncommon chance of bigger crystal shard drop from Crystal Cave npcs
• Readded darklight to FoE
• Brimstone keys drop from any slayer task level Hard or higher
• Added Vorkath to counting for Blue dragon slayer tasks

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