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Update 12 [7-23-20]

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• Added warrior ring, abby dagger p++, twisted buckler to FoE
• Reworked votes (clarify it)
• Reworked info world yells
• Raised Elder druid task amount
• Moved lava dragons task to wildy slayer only
• Added Battle Mages Slayer tasks to wildy slayer
• Buffed Mage Arena BM and PKP
• Made blood money fully tradable and drop on death
• Removed degrade from tent
• Removed dbaxe from announce
• Lower AGS protect price a little bit
• Added dagon'hai and blood fury item values
• Gave icons glory stats
• Reduced timer for picking poison berries in Falador
• Added dark claw and imbued heart to announced items
• Fixed wildy blood money skilling announcing you received 0 blood money
• Buff to Tier iii skilling achievement rewards

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