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Update 13 [7-29-20]

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Some more good ol QoL and fixes and such hope you all enjoy!



• Reworked world yells some more
• Lowered Callisto, Venenatis, and Vet'ion kc required for Wilderness diary
• Fixed broken willow tree woodcutting for falador diary (just south/southwest of falador)
• Reworked ::mbox viewer tiny bit
• Added ::tp command
• Changed ::droprate command to ::dr
• May have fixed issue causing players who died shortly after outlast having
  items drop as if they were PKed
• Fixed interface and diary for fighter hat at PC in western diary
• Fixed missing way to do tree gnome village teleport via spirit tree (added spirit
  tree to PC area with option to go tree gnome village)
• Reduced Pest control lobby wait time
• Buffed Larran's key drop chance if on Wildy boss task
• Lowered 2 Ardougne diary requirements
• Buffed blood fury heal to make it a more valid and worthwhile item 
  (heals larger percentage of hit when it procs now)
• Changed blood fury proc gfx
• Changed yell text colors according to donator rank
• Made the use of infernal skilling equip count towards achievements, 
  i.e. infernal axe count as log cut and log burnt
• Lowered some outlast shop prices
• Small buff to firemaking and cooking xp rates
• Readded and reworked PureNH tourney mode
• Added dragon protection with ancient wyvern shield
• Raised FoE exchange price of spirit shields
• Added Ancient wyvern shield and rares to the FoE
• Reduced time in between dragon thrown axes specs
• Added ancient wyvern shield dragon fire negate/absorption
• Added ancient wyvern shield spec (operate item option to freeze player)

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