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Age: 24

In-Game Username/Discord Name: Pz, Big Pz

Will you be really active in-game/discord/forums?: Active daily In-game, I'm new to forums so I dont really know my way around, huehue. But if that's a requirement, i shall be active. As for disc, I'm there to help when i see new players with questions.

Languages you can speak: English and some German


Days/Hours available (as well as times you are not): Available any day from 12pm-12am. Weekends is more like 4pm-11pm. Sunday/Monday/Thursday, whichever day is GREEN BAY PACKER DAY, I'll be away for the game.

Reasons for applying for staff: I've been apart of the NovaScape community for 2.5 months now and went through the OS-Custom change[never played a custom and didnt plan to, but i stuck it out and am blown away how much I care for the game]. The community is a nice and close knit community that I've searched for for years in a RSPS. I've found a PS to call home and wouldnt want it to be any other than Nova. I want to contribute to the server how ever possible, be it making Nova enjoyable for all players to advertising. I'll do whatever is asked of me. The game/community has grown on me HARD and i would love to be honored with a badge. Whether its help or a crown. They're both awesome and i would do anything possible to give NS a chance. A second wind is something that would boost community and I'd love to have a helping hand in it. I'd play til the last breath [xD] of the RSpS and give it my commitment. [Played 1 week solo b4 the switch from OS-Custom]

Previous experience with RSPS and/or as staff: I've played RSPS since EoC, 12 years from spawn servers to eco and even pk servers. None have intrigued me as much as nova to want to be staff. I've saw alot of things on my journey in the RSPS world and know my way around a server. I was a mod in a super small server years ago, and know how to carry myself as a staff member, and will keep everything clean and fair for all players. No bias as a staff member. 

Will you both follow the rules, and help other to?: I will give 110% to enforcing the rules, and lead by example. Rules are rules, and in this day in age we're probably mostly adults, so we should carry ourselves in that manner. I've read the rules and would hold myself to a higher standard before enforcing them. 

Will you help us advertise NovaScape in some form?: Being staff in a RSPS is like a side job. So yes. I will honor my 'company' and do my best to obtain and retain players. I've done it in the past and know how to do it right. From advertising to meeting 1on1 and recruiting. 

Have you read and fully understand the Guidelines posted above: I have read, and reread so to my knowledge I could be helpful, and lead with a good, level head moving forward. 

Making NovaScape popular has always been a thought of mine. From running around on my own in the OSRS, to playing with many new people in the Custom. If i was to come on as staff I would Honor the OWNERS and other STAFF as one should. I look forward to hearing back, be it good or bad, I'll still be here in the Community. 

Thanks for hearing me out,
Pz (Peezy]

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