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Blood Key and Wilderness Chest

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The Blood key/mini blood key and Wilderness chests contain some of the best loot obtainable from the Wilderness.
This is a brief overview on the keys/chests/rewards.


Blood key

The blood key spawns every hour in one of several random Wilderness locations and must be picked up very shortly after it is able to be picked up (around 3 minutes).

When it first spawns everyone will have to wait one minute to pick it up (to give time to players to get there).

When you pick up this key it will announce in the world chat as well as teleblock you so you must run your way down and out of the Wilderness to escape with the Blood key and claim its reward.

The blood key always gives 20K PK points which is quite a nice hefty reward. The rare loot table consists only of 3 items; the 3 Nightmare staffs, Volatile, Harmonised, and Eldritch. These staffs drop from the chest at a rate of 1 in 400.



Mini-Blood key

The mini-blood key is the 1/1 drop from the Skotizo ::event. Skotizo spawns every 2-3 hours and is also spawned in 1 of 4 random locations around the Wilderness.

The 1/1 loot from this key is 13K PK points. Rare items have 1 in 12 chance of dropping from this chest and they consist of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold mystery boxes.


The Blood chest

The Blood chest is located just outside of the Home/Edgeville bank. Use your blood or mini-blood key on the chest to receive your reward.


The Colored Wilderness Keys and Chests

The Colored wilderness keys are dropped from many of the Wilderness Bosses including but not limited to Vet'ion, Venenatis, Callisto etc.
The chests to use these keys on are also located in the Wilderness in four different locations so these can be a challenge to get out there and get the key,
get home safely with the key or go directly to the chest and loot then head on home.

The 1/1 loot from these keys/chests is 8K PK points.

Uncommon loot drops at 1/30 and consists of Bronze, Silver, and Gold mystery boxes as well as the Custom pet point scroll to redeem for 1 custom pet point to spend!

The rare table consists of the full Inquisitor armor set as well as the Inquisitor Mace all dropping at a rate of 1 in 350.


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