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Update 1 - Start of NovaScape PK [11-4-20]

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Welcome to NovaScape PK and the very beginning of our update log/patchnotes! We sure hope you enjoy everything and have a great, fun time!


• Added Nightmare items and Neitiznot Faceguard
• Added sounds to a lot of weapons/combat styles
• Fixed surge spells vs players and bots
• Lowered Slayer task kill PKP reward
• Set up auto vote and donation
• Removed null options from infernal ore
• Raised mystery box prices
• Rewrote donator rank system
• Added gambler npc
• Added more teles to minigames
• Reworked donator rank names and yell colors
• Reworked cache some and made new background
• Added Toxic staff, blowpipe, serp helm, magma helm, tanz helm and kodai wand making
• Added Dragon knives
• Fixed and reworked rare Chambers of xeric raid rewards
• Set up all store, vote, thread, etc. commands
• Lowered Skotizo health
• Added custom pet point shop
• Added more information in server announcements
• Reworked crystal chest a lot
• Added in crystal key drops
• Reworked drop tables some
• Fixed up welcome interface/game mode selection
• Added dragon knives and implemented their spec, added to PKP shop and Hydra/Drake
• Added Ultimate donator zone
• Decorated home and other areas some more
• Reworked ingame guides
• Fixed bank command
• Fixed selling items to shops
• Adjusted item values some
• Added Nightmare staffs to the Blood key rewards
• Added Inquisitor Gear to the colored wilderness key/chest
• Added Neitiznot Faceguard to Jungle Demon droptable
• Added Dragon platebody to Galvek droptable
• Added in Sanguinesti staff spell and heal effect
• Added in Verzik Vitur wildy boss with corresponding ToB drops
• Added brimstone ring defence piercing effect
• Added tele to Verzik
• Added Ancient wyvern shield effect and drop
• Added Ava's Assembler creation + removed assembler from shop
• Fixed a visual issue with client
• Added sounds for the bolt specs

Muuuuch more to come 🙂😉❤️ 

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