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Update 4 - QoL + Much more [11-14-2020]

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Another juicy little update for you all I sure hope you enjoy!


• Added the new untradable items to untradables (had forgot to do so)
• Adjusted some more item values
• Adjusted some donator shop prices
• Fixed a issue with slayer helms for melee
• Changed some ingame tip text
• Fixed enchanted ring text
• Added a Bob to ::highrisk
• Change rev cave tele item tele location (now teles you inside of main rev cave)
• Added Droprate bonus and message for pickup to Collector necklace
• Added Collector's necklace to donator shop
• Fixed vampire attack distance
• Buffed Craw's bow
• Fixed some of abyssal runecrafting
• Changed some of Verzik's combat
• Reworked Treasure Trails (Clue scrolls)
• Added a lot of clue dig locations
• Reworked a lot of the achievement system and added a few new achievements
• Removed donor rank required on some things
• Fixed some incorrect text some locations
• Reduced Faceguard droprate from 1/1000 to 1/900
• Fixed up some more clue scroll text
• Few other small things all over
• Added in Dragon Hunter Lance effect and correct attack animation
• Added level requirement for infernal bar making and infernal helm making
• Adjusted some item values
• Added Vyrewatch Vampire to slayer skilling menu info
• Added infernal information to skilling menu (fishing, mining, smithing, and crafting[armour])
• Fixed 2 npcs right click options
• Adjusted skilling token increments
• Added infernal eel noted to more easier farm them from the wildy resource
• Added halos to vote shop + added infinite run to the halos
• Added a black mythical cape to vote shop

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