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Drop Rate System, Pets & More! 2-4-2020

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A big ol update tonight/today...

-Rewrote and cleaned up whole drop rate system
-Rescaled drop rate system
-Wrote full pet drop rates and some perks so far
-Some dialogue handler and tutorial changes
-New guide made on forums for the pet changes
-Fixed all starter items received from Clarkeh if lost
-Lowered Infernal Key and Pet Box prices
-The Random gem drop table now gives noted gems
-Added perk to Brimstone ring
-Lowered some prices in Bounty Shop
-Removed DHarpoon from vote shop and lowered some prices
-Reworked Loyalty Pts shop some
-Added Gen and Iron Gen Store to DZ
-Buffed Serenic Godbow
-Made Seren godbow skin perks effects
-Fixed Donation Info guide to reflect DR changes
-Buffed Decimation Bow vs demons
-Fixed Weapon Poison+ making
-Reworked the custom imbued hearts (Just Heart->STR, Poraz->Rang, Derwen->Def)
 •They are currently a very rare reward from wilderness boss event
-Easier Rare Rate at Alchemical Hydra, Void Knight, and the Starter Dungeon
-Added message to make it easier to spot when Darklight drops in cata

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