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Adjustments, Fixes, QOL 2-7-2020

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Another good ol' fixing and QOL push everyone. Love ya all and hope you all enjoy. ❤️

-Removed PvM Caskets from a lot of drop tables as they are already a global drop (left at some lower-mid level npc's for it's usefulness there but removed from a lot of higher lvl NPC's and bosses where it was taking up a rare or very rare slot)
-Reduced Wildy Boss Respawn Times
-Fixed a lot of item examines
-Rewrote (as it was not working) Combat XP bonus coding for Nova T1 Gear
-Wrote in Combat Bonus XP on UIM, HCIM, and GIM
-Wrote in Combat Bonus XP (1% Higher) on Nova T2 Armor
-Wrote in Stargaze ring perks as they had none and corrected forum guide (Stars guide) to reflect the changes
 •Stargaze rings now give 5% Droprate boost and 4% Damage Boost in their respective styles
-Added restore run energy to ornate pool and removed the timer as well as needing donator status to use it
-Big buff to DHCB and Black DHCB damage perk vs dragons
-Added Sea Turtle fishing (big net fishing spot[no bait])
-Readded Shadow Beast to wilderness, Graveyard of Shadows
-Buffed Seren Godbow
-Seren Godbow pieces now ultra rare again at Solak
-Buffed Korasi Sword
-Changed ::starterguide to ::guide to pull up all our guides
-Gave ::find to mod+
-Salve (ei) is now kept on death
-Sword of Edicts is now a 1/6 drop from Shadow Lord
-Added DTD's (1-4) as a rare drop from Vetion and 20-200 Bloodmoney as a 1:1 drop
-Added Nurse Boubou to Raids area
-Fixed confirm tele to wild for Giant Moles tele
-Buffed Enhanced Infernal Staff and Bow
-Fixed Slayer Armor Buff on task (wasn't coded in at all so wrote that in)
-Same as above with Imbued Slayer Helms
-Will be new client posted in client download with this update

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