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NovaScape Custom Starter Guide!

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General Overview

Game Modes:



  • NormalNormal game mode as it comes. Normal XP rate and 0% DR increase.
  • Iron Man Normal with a twist.. Unable to trade, gamble, or used certain npc's. Normal XP rate and 6% DR increase.
  • Ultimate Iron Man Ironman with a twist! Ironman rules along with no bank (unless you have a collector's item [70 slot bank/collecting space]). Normal XP & 8% DR.
  • Veteran Mode - Normal gameplay with no limits but on a harder scale. XP rate is significantly slower and 12% DR increase.

Yes there are lots of unique custom features but overall most everything is very simple and easy to understand.

Most of it is very self explanatory with the ctrl + hover for stats feature as well as the various descriptions around NovaScape.


When first getting started..


  • It depends on which route you would like to go at first. If you would like to skill you could start at ::moneymaking or working on the skilling portion of ::starter.



  • There is the ::afk area to collect resources and train even when you are away.
  • And if you would like to PvM or PvP quickly there are also good routes to go for that!
  • You can use command ::train or browse through the various teleports in our teleport interface. There are also ::slayer progression tasks as well as the ::daily challenges you can do every day!


  • And of course there is always voting! You can vote and talk to the daily manager at home or do ::dailyreward for good rewards as well for staying loyal and supporting NovaScape!

The shops can easily be accessed with ::shops



So overall there are quite a few different ways for you to get a good start and get a very good grind going it's just up to you to choose which path you would like to take!🙂

We sure hope you enjoy and we are working on improving everything in every aspect for everyone to have the most fun they can have here on NovaScape!                   

 dailys.png     teleinterface.png

slayerprog.png        dailyreward.png


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