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NovaScape Custom Slayer Guide!

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NovaScape Custom Slayer



Here on NovaScape Custom we have some unique features to the Slayer skill that are useful and beneficial to the PvM grind.

  • There are different unique rewards you can purchase as well as being able to do Slayer either Solo or Duo with a partner!
  • You can buy multipliers to up the amount of slayer tickets you receive from Custom Slayer Dungeons!
  • You can buy a VIP slayer license (grants the VIP Slayer gem) which allows unlimited tele to task as well as tele to the VIP slayer area with this gem

  • Double Slayer XP certificate for those that want to get to max fast or have the heart for grinding prestiges!
  • You can even buy regular donator status for slayer tickets!







Once you hit 25 Slayer you begin doing Custom slayer in the 4 Custom Slayer Dungeons we have here on NovaScape. (Npc stats and chest rewards subject to change based on player suggestion and economy need. Dungeons are very newly implemented.)

• Betrayed
• Damned
• Hidden
• Cursed



Each have their own unique slayer monsters, ballista, and chest reward rares to obtain!

(All uncommon and common chest loots are currently the same this is subject to change in future based on player suggestion and economy need)

dung1.png         curseddrops.png


betrayedrewards.png      damnedrewards.png


hiddenrewards.png    cursedrewards.png

And last but certainly not least we have our custom ::slayer progression! You can earn many unique, cool, and helpful items just by grinding out slayer and doing various specific tasks along with your slayer grind! We hope you enjoy it all and all to come! (Kill assigned tasks only counts for custom dungeon slayer monster tasks)



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