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Update 1 - [5-31-2020]

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I hope you all enjoy the first chunk of updates to hit NovaScape Custom! And hope you are all having tons of fun. 🙂❤️ 

-Nerfed Exoden Heal

-Nerfed Santa Sack

-Raised Goku Killcount

-Fixed DZ strykewyrms

-Raised Droprates slightly

-Sped up Scythe Hits (besides demon scythe as it can be used in wild)

-Changed Custom Slayer task amount given to be more random

-Raised event shop prices

-Fixed Custom Dung Ballistas Dissolving

-Raised PvM ticket requirement for pet upgrading

-Possibly fixed people getting incorrect slayer key from custom dungeons

-Raised Garfield's health

-Fixed some UIM's items not dropping on death

-Lowered Several Shop Prices

-Nerf to Torva, Pernix, and Virtus NPC's at ::trio

-Added 1B Bags to PKing rewards

-Raised bombblast cannon att speed

-Lowered Hulk Stats

-Better drops at Hulk

-Raised Magic Attack Speeds

-Fixed some trivia answers

-Reduced skill bonus time before swap to 2 hours

-Made Custom Dung keys easier to get again

-Made a lot of melee weapon speeds faster

-Reduced Exoden Spawn time

-Adjusted some more shop prices

-Added DR to Ruthless set (Slayer tickets) must wear helm, plate, legs, gloves, and boots

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