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Update 2 - [6-1-20]

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Here's the update/patchnotes for this second round of updates luckily somehow was able to get this much in today xD 😄 but yeah I sure hope you all enjoy and everything is an improvement to the overall quality of the server and helps everyone have even more fun ❤️ Remember to post in #suggestions and #bug-reports on our discord to help improve and shape our server to be the best it can be! I will always do all and everything I can that's within my ability to help improve this server and every project I ever run and host!

Love you all and have a great day and night!


-Raised Exoden spawn time
-Adjusted Junior (ii) armor dissolve amounts
-Nerfed ::starwars (custom key minigame) boss
-Added Tainted and Vixie Boots to dissolvables
-Fixed VLS attack speed
-Buffed SS Aura
-Fixed God Pot giving 144att
-Gave Ironman access to bags shop, cookie monster's shop, and loyalty shop
-Buffed/Fixed Extreme Mode Xp Rates
-Added more Monkey Guard Spawns
-Added more Floreox bird spawns
-Buffed Torva T2 Range Def
-Buffed Ares Def stats
-Buffed Galactic Gloves Magic Defence
-Reduced Flash specs to 1 hit and increased the damage and accuracy and spec required
-Buffed Galactic Boots Str Bonus
-Flash Rapier back to same price as other Flash weapons and all raised to 620 PvM Tickets
-Added Restores and Rocktails to Donor/VIP Slayer shop
-Added Stats Boost Altar and Druid to ::ezone
-Fixed slayer helm upgrades damages
-Buffed Optimus Armor
-Added dissolve option to barrows sets
-Big reduction to "how rare" rares are
-Extreme Pots and Overloads can now be drank in the Wilderness
-Vials now disappear if you drank the last sip of the potion
-Added NEW WILDY NPC "Glaedr" to just north of east dragons with very sexy drop table
-Probably a thing or two else I did and can't remember tried to fly through this one

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