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Update 3 - [6-2-20]

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Hello and here is our 3rd round of updates to NovaScape Custom 🙂

-Made PC worth doing (More commendations, Get M Tix instead of GP)
-Added Smash armor to announces and raised DR given from it to 50
-Fixed some dialogue
-Added some other missing items to announced items
-::General Khazard reduced to 2b needed to be spawned
-Removed slayer requirement from strykewyrms
-Nerfed Region Npc's health and stats
-With this also slightly raising rare rare drop rates for precaution
-Added shorthand raid commands (rr:requestraid, cp:create party, dp:deleteparty, sr:startcustomraid) so people wont have to type the full command anymore)
-Raised $10 scroll price in vote shop
-Reduced Midas Cape price in Donor Shop
-Fixed a bunch of typos
-Fixed some wrong names on npcs
-Buffed Groudon Flame Aura
-Added 1B Bags to more Bosses drop tables
-Buffed Defender Kiteshield Strength -Gave Garfield Gear same stats as Goku
-Buffed Buu Dollar Chain
-Garfield Set also will be on ::op list and can't be used in wilderness
-Buffed Optimus Gear
-Fixed some items not showing their stats on control hover
-Fixed ironmanaccess to gold-bag exchange
-Added spec to Execution Blowpipe
-Fixed some trivia questions and answers
-Removed some pets from untradables

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