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Update 4 - [6-5-20]

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-Fixed Skully Cape DR
-Fixed a few items being untradable that shouldn't have been
-Fixed some announce items
-Raised Goku Spawn Kills Required
-Nerfed Exoden Attacks
-Raised Afk Ores needed for Garfield Spawn
-Prime Spawns more frequently
-Realigned high end invention items
-Added berserker ring to some drop tables
-Raised the more rare rarities a good chunk
-Buffed High End Melee Invention Items
-Buffed Galactic Defender
-Buffed Midas Cape
-Added Glaedr to npc's who give boss points
-Added Creeper cape to ::op list
-Fixed Swoodoo Bow
-Buffed Exodus Armor
-Buffed Execution Armor
-Nerfed Hercules Scythe

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